Thursday, September 14, 2006


And you thought people decorate early for Christmas!
Since Monday, September 11th, I keep walking past this door on my way to the mailboxes every day and wonder..... why?

These are the two books for the Memoir Writing class.

This is the book for the Fiction Writing class.

Yesterday afternoon I put another wash/layer on the black-eyed susan.

Went to Dr. Mike's with Leah last night.

First, I have to say that when I went to get up off the table on Monday I had a very sharp twinge, but ignored it and never said anything. I should have known better--something similar happened once with Dr. John and I suffered for two days until I went back (maybe even happened twice). But this time I was really sore across my mid back--very hard to get comfortable, therefore very difficult to sleep. By Tuesday it was worse and I hardly got any sleep Tuesday night, either--even after taking two pain pills. Seemed to be coming around my ribcage. Was nowhere near this bad the other time I had some crazy twinge with Dr. John.

So, I had my assessment and then my adjustment. Told Dr. Mike about the pain and where it had been since Monday, etc. For some reason he started working on another very sore place--kind of by my hips in your lower back there are fibro trigger points and he was pressing and trying to massage the pain away. I thought I'd try to give it a go, but it kept getting more and more sore. Just aggravated it, I think. I had to ask him to stop. Told him he had managed to completely remove the focus of pain from my mid-back, tho, and laughed.

He gets done and I go to get off the table and I get that sharp shooter of pain in the very same place again. So, I tell him and he has me show him while I was sitting up--and he finds a rib out of place by my spine. No wonder! Probably pinching a nerve! He got it back where it should be and that stopped the sharp shooting pain, but I was sore all over by then.

Obviously, I didn't put my own rib out of place. Wasn't able to do much of anything for two days. Certainly didn't do anything different--didn't even do the usual activities--couldn't.

This has not been a good month/month and a half for me physically. I am totally drained from all of the pain and sickness. One thing after the next. The sharpest rib pain is gone, but the soreness is still there and doing quite a job on me yet today. That is why I didn't blog yesterday. Was too miserable to sit--even for shorter periods--to work on one. Pain makes it hard to concentrate. It is impossible for me to tell if I am more sore or sick from going back to eating wheat and dairy this month. How would I know with all this going on? Lack of sleep causes me more pain--period. And the feeling sick, IBS, pain--all prevents decent sleep or any sleep at all. So, I have been getting worse over this past month. Bad fibro cycle.

Meanwhile, Dr. John was there yesterday with the baby. I saw them inbetween leaving the assessment room and going to the adjustment table. I told him Leah and I needed to talk to him before we left. But, when I was finished (Leah didn't get adjusted yesterday--just gave me a ride), he wasn't around and Erica zoomed up as soon as I came out and said to Leah that we needed to find Dr. John. Erica said that Apex Energetics would charge us the 12% restocking fee (not 20%) and that Standard Process said they would take back the unopened bottles without the boxes and they only charged a 20% restocking fee (not 25%). Somebody will make some money off of this--but, at that point, we didn't care. At least we got something back.

Then Erica suggested that instead of me getting back my money that I put it toward my outstanding bill--which I agreed to do. I had asked her when we first arrived yesterday if she could figure out how much I still owed them. (I just make monthly payments). Even putting my refund towards the bill--I still will be paying them for many months, even if I stopped right now.

We told Erica that we were both going to try to come in once a month and see how that works. I go back Monday for the results of the assessment. Dagan will give me a ride and there is supposed to be a refund check for Leah that Dagan can pick up by then.

After Leah and I left the chiroprator we stopped at SunMart for a few groceries. I walked with her and was hoping to walk out some of the lower back pain. Didn't work. I couldn't stand very long to help them cook when we got to their place--Dagan and Leah made eggs benedict for dinner with holandaise sauce made from scratch!!

I wasn't up to painting--again. Dagan and Leah have been so busy--committments every single day--that they suggested we take a break for a while. I was all for it. I need to have a while to recouperate--no chiro, no appointments at all. I need to rest up and get in better shape for the wedding (my nephew) in Mpls in October--which is coming up rapidly!

So, Leah worked on her email to Renae from Shaklee. I worked on mine after I got home--in time segments, of course, until I got done. We told Renae everything we could find that was wrong or that we had questions about.

I was so uncomfortable still last night that I had to keep moving around from here to there. A few times I sat at the table some more and played with the WC painting again. I can work on one petal at a time, so I can stop and start without any problems with this flower. I am not lasting in any position for more than 20-30 minutes at a time--even in my chair--the place I am usually the most comfortable--where I can usually last up to 2 hours at a time on average days--that is moulded to the shape of my behind--I could only last 30-45minutes in my chair without having to get up and stretch and bend and make vain attempts to alter this nagging uncomfortable soreness. Today is a little better than yesterday. So things should improve over the next couple days, I hope.

Anyways, I don't always paint things exactly as they appear. I tend to add more color. Love color! And I had the perfect excuse--I shouldn't have penciled lines on the petals--so I went darker to cover that up more. I still have a few more layers to go--try to put creases in the petals and darken up the center. Haven't totally ruined it yet! That's a good sign--hehe! :)

I finished Duane's book Jubal Sackett and just started The Grapes of Wrath--(one chapter so far)--which should be wonderful--I loved the movie!

I watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle:

Sometimes, it takes a strange night to put everything into focus. That's what happens to Harold (John Cho), a Korean-American banker, and his roommate, Kumar (Kal Penn), an Indian-American med school student. Both men are at a crossroads in life, about to make major decisions that will affect the course of their future. They arrive at wisdom by accident as they drive around their New Jersey city to find the best stoner fix: White Castle burgers.

I couldn't resist the title. It is a stoner movie, as I expected--young guys looking for grass, girls, and good times. But it was funnier than I expected. It is kind of over the top and silly--with repeated bizarre circumstances happening to them all night long, of course. Looked like they probably had a blast making the movie. "Doogie Howser", Neil Patrick Harris, has a cameo as "himself"--a self-centered, stoner, womanizer---which probably had more shock value in comparison to his role on Doogie Houser BEFORE he got the role on "How I Met Your Mother" where he plays a character every week more like this arrogant, wolfish guy in the movie. Chuckle!

I also watched The Invisible Circus:

Phoebe O'Connor's California dreamin' days are done. Lost and confused in post-free love San Francisco, this headstrong flower child (played by Jordana Brewster) decides to unravel the mystery of her sister's (Cameron Diaz) suicide in Europe. In her desperate search for answers, Phoebe is forced to face the past, as well as disturbing truths about her own future. Based on Jennifer Egan's best-selling novel.

Was okay. Being as I lived thru the time period, I guess it didn't seem very real for some reason to me. I am not sure if it was the clothes, hair, or what--but I'd be watching it and forget that it was supposed to be like the late 60s and early 70s and be thinking it was a modern day movie. That happened to me a couple of times. Can't really put my finger on why--but they seemed to miss the atmosphere of the 60s they were trying to capture--the "we can change the world" hippies and radicals. And all of the unraveling of the mystery of her sister's suicide--just consisted of the sister's ex-boyfriend slowly telling her the truth. So, if you're looking for a mystery movie where pieces are being put together or a 60s atmosphere movie--don't look here.

Today I am finally going to be able to continue reading for the online classes. Now that I will be home and left alone to heal and rest--hehe!--I should be able to catch up and get my next two lessons done by Sunday. I am pretty darn tired, tho. Renae called this morning at 11am--and I had just gotten to sleep at 7am. I might need a nap. Maybe when I've been on Shaklee for a while I might get back to my normal night hours and be able to get to bed at 1-3am again instead of 6-7am. I hope so. Darn menopause!! Chuckle! Wish me luck!!

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