Saturday, September 23, 2006


Here's the dream scrapbook I was working on. First, I painted the inside front and back covers with silver paint.

Then I added the words to the song. I thought it was appropriate for me because I really do try to always look for the silver lining! :)

The next page kind of tells what the book is about. This isn't what they call an actual "altered book"--because they are much fancier and have more bells and whistles--hehe! Mine is more like using an old hardbound book as a kind of scrapbook.

Then I added the cut down black-eyed susan painting (which I posted previously). I have loved wildflowers since I was a kid wandering the fields near our neighborhood!

So, if I was healthy again and won a big lottery--the book is about what my life would include. The first section is about having an actual artist's studio. If you're going to dream--dream huge! It would be the ultimate to have an actual separate building--so, I found samples for my dream book. (There are more to come.) I would want a building large enough to have groups of people over to paint or make handmade paper...or whatever arts & crafts projects we wanted to do/teach/share. I would have to have sections for the supplies for each type of creative project: oils, acrylics, watercolors, paper making, card making, beading supplies, polymer clay supplies, calligraphy, etc. And I'd want enough room and supplies to be able to have a group of up to maybe 6-8 people all working together on any given project.

You can't really see the strip of mesh that lies crosswise on the orange page, but this is the absolute fantasy painting equipment for oils and acrylics. Not for class or group supplies, obviously, but just for my own personal use. :)

I painted the surface of the next page green today for a background color, but no point in taking a picture of that one yet. I didn't do all of this yesterday--only the blue page and the orange page. They really are pretty blah looking, I guess. I might add something later--or just leave them as is and write a little note--"done with a dislocated rib"--hehe! It is just a scrapbook for me, after all. "Fun" therapy!!

I did a book for an art class at Concordia that reminds me of making this one. I have no idea where it went--stored away someplace. Our assignment was to make "A Book About Me". This one will be much easier--hehe!

Well, my mom called at about 12:30pm today. I was sleeping. Had finally fallen asleep somewhere between 6-7am. They're coming tomorrow about noon. Dagan and Leah will be over then. I told Mom that I may or may not be able to go to lunch with them--depending on how my ribs are.

I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and was slowly trying to clean up around here little by little. I was running out of dishes and glasses, anyways, so I emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, ran it, and emptied it again. I went around and emptied all the garbages from all the rooms. Figured I'd see if I could work my way up to a trip to the dumpster with the little green cart or if I'd have to ask Dagan or Leah tomorrow. I had two small bags full of catalogs left to throw away, too--they are heavier to lift and I didn't want to put the rib out any more then it is already. Not moving very fluidly today, either.

Turned out Leah called this afternoon--wanted to stop by and pick up a spool of beading wire. So I asked her for help. She took out the trash, put the catalog bags in her trunk to recyle (she is so conscientious!), and even got my mail for me!! If I didn't have company coming--I would have just waited until I felt better--no rush, you know? So, Leah was my very own personal angel today!!! :) :)

Just all the bending with the dishes and trash today aggravated my ribs enough that I had to take a pain pill a couple hours ago. I am getting concerned. I really need this new chiropractor to be able to get my ribs back to normal quickly or I will never be able to tolerate a long car trip! We have the wedding in Minneapolis to go to October 7th--just two weeks away! I am using my last pain pills up pretty quickly here and I have never gotten recovery time/consistent sleep for many days since I was sick for a month on those other supplements. Last night was a restless very few hours again. I am beginning to almost feel like I did when I was in school--like I am gradually just kind of fading away...harder to think, able to accomplish less and less. Like gradually starting the day out with less spoons every day--hehe!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not worried about my surviving all this--not at all. I will eventually get rid of the pain in the ribcage and eventually sleep and sleep--I will be fine--eventually. One learns patience with fibro, I can assure you--(or you'd just be depressed all the time). I am only concerned because I want to go to the wedding and see everybody. Most of my family is in the Twin Cities and I rarely ever see them any more. And I especially want to see my aunt, Mary Lou! Dagan, Leah, and I plan to stay with her this time when we go down and I have been so looking forward to sitting over coffee with her in her kitchen. I have really missed her since I moved away up here. So, say a healing prayer for me!

In the meantime, I am just hanging in here until Wednesday. I do need to wash clothes and sheets before then--but, other than that, I am trying not to irritate the ribs any more than I have to. I am off to watch some more of The Sopranos...

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