Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yesterday Leah and her friend, Robyn, came over to look at beads and beading catalogs. Robyn is thinking of having Leah make beaded lanyards for the ladies where she works--for their name tags when they go to seminars and such. Robyn decided to ask the ladies at work at their next meeting in two weeks if they would like them or not. She has an idea about price and looks now, anyways.

I made soup yesterday! Nappa cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, and garlic in chicken stock. Yummy! Always tastes better the next day, too. :)

Caroline called this morning and was home sick with the flu, so she will come to clean next Tuesday instead. Poor thing! She sounded weak--had been throwing up. I told her to take care of herself and get well. I hope she doesn't miss too many classes. I remember the trying to catch up all too well.

I spent the day on the porch--reading. Finished Arctic Dreams, which bogged a bit on the last third, but was quite an interesting book on the whole. Then I read the assignments for both the B&N online classes that started today. I went online last night just to peek and nobody had started on the holiday. I wrote the reading assignments down to do today and now am heading there to see what's next--and to read all the introductions and see if there's anybody from Minnesota or North Dakota. Usually there are so many people in the classes that the first week or so there are sometimes hundreds of people introducing themselves and chatty. The volume of posts usually begins to dwindle a little after a couple of weeks--but it is interesting to see where everybody is from and to read their various impressions and concepts about the stories we read. And I have never been in an online writing class, so these should be interesting when people post some of what they have written! Almost be like being back in writing classes at college! hehe!

Another beautiful day!! I do so love the fall weather!! :)

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