Thursday, September 28, 2006


I wasn't able to post this earlier. Wouldn't work. I'll try it again now--3:30pm
Here's the red betta who has been lying like this on the bottom of the bowl for ages--lost track--been over a week, but not sure if it is two weeks now? He's in the smaller bowl with the slate rocks now. Still alive!

And here is the blue one, showing off his pretty fins. He is now in the bigger bowl with all the live plants.

Okay--went to see the new chiropractor, Dr. Hager, yesterday. He was so nice! And what an impressive chair! Stands upright and just lowers and raises you from a standing position! Fancy! And the girl changed the paper roll (we had to do that ourselves at Dr. John's) and she even wiped down the table before I got on it! I never thought of that--cleaning the tables off between people. And it is nice to have a private room and not be out where people can walk past or hear you talking.

Dr. Hager worked very hard to get that spot cracked where it was pinching. Tried first on my stomach, then on my back, and finally against the wall--and crack! Was a painful process, but was worth it! He told me it would be sore for a while. Told me to make an appointment for Friday, but if I didn't get the sharper pain back to just call and cancel. He didn't tell me that I should be coming in regularly or anything--just make an appointment when I need to. (Dr. John had me coming three times a week and then twice a week?)

And--if he cracked my spine--then seems to me that maybe it was my spine that was out of whack and not a rib, like Dr. Mike said? Maybe he had caused a disc to slip and pinch a nerve? Who knows? Anyways, I am still sore, but I don't have the terrible sharp pain I had--just twinges.

After Leah took me to Dr. Hager then we took the elevator up to Dr. Sleckman's office to see about him filling out the form for the school loan and getting a refill on my pain pills (Rheumatologist). Just so happened that he had a cancellation for today at 10:40am. (Took me 2 1/2 months to get in to see him the first time.) So, Dagan took off work and brought me today. Just got home a little while ago.

I met with Dr. Sleckman, he filled out the form, checked me over, and gave me a perscription for my Tramadol. I don't feel so badly that I have actually had to take two at a time sometimes. He told me you can take up to eight a day--2 of them at a time 4 times in a day--every six hours. Since I had the original perscription at 60 a month, I thought I wasn't supposed to take more than one in the morning and one at night, but I have had to take two at a time just to take the edge off of this back pain (and that didn't always work). I just had him write it out for the same amount--60 a month--take as needed. I should be just fine with that. I try not to take them every day--only on bad days.

Dagan and I went to White Drug which is inside of the SunMart Grocery in West Fargo. That is where Dagan and Leah get their pills--you can have them mailed out every month. So, while we waited for my pills, Dagan took me to the little cafe they have there in a front corner of the grocery store and we had burgers for lunch. Picked up my pills--got it set up so that I can just call every month and they'll mail them to me. Dagan dropped me off at home.

I decided to call and cancel the chiro for tomorrow. Wait and see how the weekend goes. I can always go again next week if I need to. It is sore and burns a little back there. I get little tiny sharp prickly twinges occasionally--but am not sure if they will go away or get worse? Right now, this is nothing by comparison. And I am so tired and exhausted that I want to be able to just sleep tomorrow and Saturday--so, just wait and see. He said it would be sore for a while. ?? Sunday we have Sacred Circle here--since we passed last month. I'll see what shape I am in by Monday. If it is not gone/better by then, I'll call and make another appointment--he's there Tues and Weds afternoons.

Anyways, I am feeling a lot better. Just want to rest...relax...collapse... :)

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