Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday, as I was walking down to get my mail, I got an intense feeling that I shouldn't go to my appointment with Dr. Mike. I was feeling a little better at the time, too. (This rib thing comes and goes in intensity, but never seems to fail to gloriously expand when I lay down to try to sleep) Dagan was home sick with the cold Leah recently had. I called Dagan to tell him that he didn't have to drag himself out in the cold rain. Told him I would wait and see how I felt or what I received as far as going Wednesday went. Leah and I had previously tossed out the idea of finding a new chiropractor that would be in the system she'll be in with the new insurance (Dagan's new job) thru Innovis.

Well, despite the fact I was not able to sleep much last night and I am using up my paltry stash of pain pills, I still strongly feel I am not supposed to go back to Dr. Mike. So, today I searched the yellow pages, called Innovis, found the chiropractor Leah would have to go to, called Dr. Hager's office and got his hours and price for adjustments (same at Dr. John's was), and called billing to see if I would have to start over on the Medicare deductible and whether I'd be billed or not (don't have to start over and they'll bill me). Everything checks out. But, this guy has less hours and is done earlier (1-4:30pm on T-W-Th and 8:15-noon on M-F). We need half hour initial visits and he only does those at 2:15 and 2:45pm. I emailed Leah the information. I could take the bus if I had to.

So, meanwhile...it's like my life is on hold. I am functioning on the bare essentials mode for now. The sharpness comes and goes during the day and usually gets a lot worse at night when I try to sleep--of course, isn't that how it usually goes?! I will just deal with it until I can get in to see the new guy. Whether it is a week--whatever. I need to go to somebody else.

This afternoon I have my lady coming for the reevaluation of my cleaning girl and my reassessment for that service. The place will have to be messier than normal. I am not going to be able to go around and pick up. Sad proof that I do need help--hehe!

Been really chilly up here!! I think the weatherman said it was 40 degrees below the average/normal temperature yesterday? I think it only got up to around 45 degrees? It feels like it could just about snow out there right now. Supposed to get down to mid 30s tonight! Only up to about 56 today. We went from closed up with the AC on to being closed up with the heat on in a matter of a couple of days!! Nuts!

That's about it from here. Hard to concentrate. Hard to sit very long.

This too shall pass...eventually. :)

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