Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Hager for my initial visit--chiropractor--on Wednesday the 27th. Leah is taking me, but didn't want to make her appointment right now. She's not sure yet what she wants to do and isn't planning on going very often anymore, anyways. But, I am going to try out a new chiropractor! Just need to hang in there till then. Going to be a long week, I imagine.

I tried to call to make an appointment with my old doctor in Moorhead and he isn't even there anymore! (I had no medical insurance for a long time--couple years?) Since I need some forms filled out for my school loans and the only other doctor I had been to was the Rheumatologist, Dr. Sleckman and he is in the same building as this new chiropractor--I decided I will just bring in the paperwork with me on Wednesday and walk over and see if I can leave the form with him. Dr. Sleckman did fill some paper work out for me for Social Security a few years ago, so hopefully he'll agree to fill these out for me. Then, I want to either make an appointment with Dr. Sleckman again or ask who would be a good regular doctor for me to go to that is familiar with fibromyalgia. Now that I have Medicare, I can go to a doctor again!! And I am getting very low on pain pills. Obviously, I never used them every day--I am still using up the tail end of leftover pills from over two years ago!

A couple of days ago I tried doing lots of different stretching exercises--thinking maybe I could pop the rib back in place. Not a good idea. Just made matters worse. Sleep finally overcame pain again last night, tho. I slept from 8-10:30pm and then again from 2am till 2:30pm!! Could hardly move by the time I got up for the day, but at least I am more rested as I hobble about--chuckle!

Yesterday I had the re-evaluation for the cleaning girl with Gwen. We got to gabbing a little after the forms were filled out and somehow landed upon the subject of kombochu mushroom tea. I used to make that back about 13 years ago--till my mushroom went bad. Gwen knows a lady who will give me a baby mushroom and is going to drop it off tomorrow. I'm more than game to try it again! Gwen might, too, after she gets done moving. Maybe it can help the fibro or one of the other ingredients for my daily pain cocktail--chuckle! I'll try it! :)

Here's a couple of websites if anybody wants to read about kombochu mushroom tea. You can see just how nutty I really am--hehe! (Dagan--you will probably remember the jars on the counter and in the frig! I had you taste it once back then, but you thought it was dreadful--hehe!)

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