Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Was very frustrating yesterday. Found out that Apex Energetics is now telling us that they are going to charge 20% reshelving fee instead of 12%. I told her that they say 12% on their website, so that is not right and she should argue that point. Then--the other company--Standard Process, which is a company that you can only get thru professionals like the chiropractors--Erica said they won't take back the unopened bottles because we took them out of the boxes they came in! Standard Process charges 25% reshelving fee, she said. I checked online when I got home and on their website it says 20%. So, even sealed and unopened we cannot return anything to Standard Process because we removed them from the little boxes they came in. Good grief! Am I ever glad to be shed of both these companies! Shaklee has 100% guarantee on their products!!

I started taking the Shaklee products yesterday and did not get the terrible stomach pains I had the first three days with the other two companies! A lot of the products are for the same type of thing--digestion, malabsorption, etc--so it is not like I am taking completely different types of supplements. I am being cautious and only taking one of each to start with, but I had no bad reactions at all so far. Just not having stomach cramps or diarrhea--I am happy already! :):) We'll see how the next week or so goes.

Tomorrow Leah and I go in to Dr. Mike. We decided to take back everything that cannot be returned.

1. We can use them experimentally for comparisons with the Shaklee--like to use them for the oven comparison test--sure don't want to actually ingest them!!
2. We don't want either the Standard Process company or the chiro to be able to turn around and resell those sealed, unopened ones for full price again.

Now, the neck thing and the migraine headache--Dr. Mike actually had an explanation, or a good guess, for the neck swelling. He said if I had inflammation where it really hurt on the right side of the base of my skull that his technique could have irritated it further--and since the pain was in a spot from where the nerves travel down my neck, that could have maybe caused the swelling. First person to have an idea , anyways, eh? He didn't do any neck adjustments on Monday and said he'd stay away from the headache treatment. :)

I have the assessment on Wednesday. Leah and I are going over to their place after Dr. Mike to go over all the mistakes on the Shaklee order and hopefully to paint a little, too. I can discuss with Leah how often she wants to go in a month--for sure--so I can tell Erica next Monday. We had thought maybe once a month. I need to drop way back--just can't afford to keep up that monthly payment forever. I am seriously thinking once a month. If I start feeling terrible--I can go back sooner. I'll see how Leah feels about it. In fact, she is stopping by in a little while to pick up her Shaklee order that came today--but I don't know if she is just going to be in and out or what. Poor baby! She has been home the past two days from work--flu--but she said she's feeling a little better today.

Meanwhile--the red betta is still alive on the bottom of the bowl. Years ago Dagan named one of my betta's Bubbles. At the time I had my African Grey, Gabriel, and he associated the fish bowl with "Bubbles"--so every betta after that was appropriately named. Gabriel called them all Bubbles, anyways. These two are either Bubbles the 10th and 11th or Bubbles the 11th and 12th--we have lost count. I suppose I'll have to pick--make a decision. Been putting it off since I bought the second one--the blue one. Silly to keep doing that after Gabriel's not around any more--but we do...just to remind us of Gabriel...who I still miss!

Leah's here, so I will go--more next time.

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