Saturday, September 09, 2006


I had guessed that it dropped into the 40's night before last--it was down to 38 degrees! Last night was warmer, I think--they predicted 44 degrees. This is unseasonably cold weather.

Yesterday I drank a lot of coffee and that was helping the headache quite a bit, but it also had me wide awake longer than I had wished. But since, in this usually quiet building, there was pounding music from 2:30-4:20am below me somewhere that vibrated the floor even tho I couldn't hear it distinctly--it was probably a good thing I had that caffine coursing thru my veins. I finished reading the assignment for the memoir class after all--at 5:30am.

I spent over three hours on the phone with my friend, Bonnie, from Hibbing last night. Worked on emails little by little until I got caught up--tada! Read Poets & Writers Magazine--inbetween short stints at the computer--article by article. And, of course, the television kept me company in the background.

Leah discovered how she could access her Shaklee personal website yesterday from the Shaklee home site and emailed me the instructions. I finally reached mine, too. They had all kinds of problems with their computers at the end of August, orders were messed up, and Leah and I still hadn't even received our confirmation emails yet. It does say on our personal sites that our orders have been shipped and are supposed to arrive on Monday! I hope that is correct.

Tomorrow is Sacred Circle--postponed from the first Sunday. I have several people I want to pray for and send healing energy! My God Jar is full! I feel overdue for some connecting time.

Oh--our "God Jars".....thru the course of the month we write down on little pieces of paper areas we need help with, things we are grateful for, wishes, prayers... and then we have a Burning Bowl Ceremony at Sacred Circle. One by one we privately, silently, read our little pieces of paper and then light them on a candle and place them in the copper burning bowl in the center of the table--and those thoughts, requests, and prayers are sent up in the smoke to the Universe. It's just a nice little part of our Sacred Circle that we enjoy. A little bit of private ceremony--shared. :)

The other ceremonial thing we always do at the beginning is pass the "talking piece'. The person in charge of Sacred Circle can choose what they want to use as the talking piece--a crystal or some kind of stone is what we usually use. Just something small enough to be held in your hand as you speak. No one else can speak--only the person who holds the talking piece. They can talk about what they have been going thru, thinking about, having problems with, successes, joys, whatever has been going on the past month since we last met--but with a spiritual overview. What is said in Sacred Circle stays in Sacred Circle. It is a place where each of us feels safe to be honest and open--and we know that we all have the best spiritual interests in mind for each other.

Whatever else is done at Sacred Circle, besides those two things, is up to the person in charge for the month. The Burning Bowl Ceremony can be done at any time during the meeting. Talking Piece is always first. It is my turn this month. :)

After a break, I am heading to my online classes now that I finally finished the long chapter. Oh--and I don't have the splitting headache today! Hallelujah!! :)

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