Sunday, September 03, 2006


Another stage. I am not sure what I am doing. Experiementing and trying some new techniques on the center of the flower. This could go badly quickly--hehe! Oh well. Then I would start another one. :) I am learning by my mistakes. I already wish I hadn't sketched inside the petals. Duh!
I bought two tablets of watercolor paper on sale at Hobby Lobby and just traced the enlarged B&W photos of a bunch of wildflowers onto the sheets. Then I made a smaller color copy for me to follow while I paint. I figured it was a cheap way to practice and practice until I got the hang of it. I have a few books and went to a couple of adult classes--and now am learning on my own by trial and error.
Tomorrow I start the free writing classes with Barnes & Noble Online University. That will use up a lot of spoons--hehe! So, don't be surprised if I write a little less/less often. The classes only last about five weeks. I am hoping it will get me going on the writing again this fall/winter.
Beautiful sunny day this afternoon and supposed to stay like this for a few days. Nice to have the windows and porch open again! I slept thirteen hours last night and only woke up twice!! Goes to show you how exhausted I still am from the being sick for weeks from those supplements. I am feeling better and better every day now.
I guess Shaklee had such an influx of orders at the end of the month (trying to make the August specials) that the computers went down and they have some of the orders screwed up. So, not sure we will get them this coming week. Might be the following week. It will be soon, tho. :)
Keep smiling!!

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