Saturday, September 30, 2006


The red betta quietly passed away while I slept.
He was noisily flushed.
The blue betta doesn't comprehend. He did his grieving a couple weeks ago when his red rival disappeared. They were used to going to the sides of their bowls and flaring at each other off and on all day. The blue betta believed he lost his companion a couple weeks ago. When I changed bowls, he went over to the appropriate side to flare and taunt that first day. I think he thought the red betta might have returned with the move--but he never showed up. They had been playing musical bowls for a couple of years. I always kept the bowls in the same spots so they knew which side of each bowl to look for their rival. Today the bowl is gone, too.
I wonder if the blue betta's life will be better or worse without his rival companion?

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