Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Mom and Dad came on Sunday for a few hours. We went to IHOP for a late breakfast. Then came back here to my place for a while. Here's Dagan laughing at Karma.

Here's my mom laughing at Karma.

My dad got a digital camera for free and was trying it out. Leah was helping him with his new toy.

Dagan and Leah had to leave about 3pm and my folks left about 4pm. I was really sore and tired and was in bed by 9pm on Sunday.

Yesterday I was forced to wash clothes--had no underwear or socks left--hehe! And then I just could not stand watching the red betta struggle to make it to the top of the bigger bowl any longer. I have had water ready for days and the bowls needed to be cleaned--so I got that done, too. I have never seen a betta live this long lying on the bottom of the bowl!! Poor guy! I moved all the live plants into the bigger bowl so I could dose the red guy with aquarium salt (plants don't care for the salt). Just thought I'd give him a little boost, not that it will amount to much--but it made me feel better--hehe! I do feel better, too, that he doesn't have to travel so far to get to the top of the bowl. And--yes--he's still alive!

Caroline came today to clean. She just left a little bit ago.

I am very sore today after doing all that yesterday, so I am really looking forward to meeting the new chiropractor tomorrow!!

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