Monday, September 11, 2006


I got caught up with the online classes yesterday. I need to do two lessons a week to keep abreast of it all. I am just lurking in the Fiction class and have no desire to actually write anything, since I am not as interested in writing fiction as I am reading it--hehe! They do discuss the stories we have read, tho, and the stories are good, plus it is interesting to read all the different opinions. But--there were close to 300 introductions for both classes. In the first lesson in Memoir there were almost 200 posts to read and in Fiction there was 836!!! Took me all weekend, little by little, just to quickly skim along and make it thru lessons one and two. Whew! Now I am reading the assignments for lesson three in both classes. I am participating in the Memoir class and have posted my responses to the appropriate class questions.

I am waiting to see if the UPS man comes with the Shaklee order today. Leah's order hasn't even shown up on her personal website. But, there's an odd place on mine where I think her amount shows up as distributor points. ?? I think we have them really confused because she is using my address as her shipping address, of course. I think that has really messed up our order. We can only find out what needs to be done after we see what arrives. She's been charged for everything--so it is possible that both orders might arrive. Just have to wait and see.

I just hope they don't come after 5pm. Dagan is coming to take me to Dr. Mike's. And I have to tell Dr. Mike how badly I reacted to the anti-headache technique--hehe! It isn't his fault, really--my crazy body--but he will be learning something with my reaction, I'm sure. I doubt he'll be happy about it. We are going to pass on that technique for me in the future, that's for sure.

I am supposed to get the spinal re-evaluation on Wednesday, I think? Or maybe today--I can't remember. Anyways, I am going to tell him after I get the results (subsequent visit) that I am only planning on going once a month or maybe sooner if I feel I need to come in. I need to pay off the outstanding bill I have over there. And I haven't noticed that it does much more than it did in the first month or so--and I have gone down from three times a week to two times--and have only gone one a week several times due to IBS, holidays, etc--and didn't notice feeling any worse when I went less often? Going to a chiroprator does help keep my severe tailbone pain in check and keeps my shoulders a little less tight--but I don't think I need to go once a week even to keep that in line. We'll see if I drop way back from the twice I week I am going now. Might have to make it twice a month--time will tell. I know I need to keep going, but just have to find out what is the least amount of visits I can make in a month and feel about the same and not get worse.

Well, we ended up not having Sacred Circle last night. First Leah called and said that Dagan wanted to finish watching the football game before they came over. I tried to call Jennifer and left her a message that it would be later. Jennifer showed up at 5pm, like we had originally planned--her phone battery had died, so she never got the message. But that was okay because I hardly ever get to see her anymore. She's been so busy working two jobs and has been putting in more hours since her promotion. I'm afraid I talked her ear off! :) Pretty soon she will have the Internet at home and then we can email again.

Jennifer had to leave early--like 7:30pm--and Dagan and Leah didn't get here until almost 7pm. Leah brought home made apple crisp and some vanilla ice cream! We had our treat--and then Jennifer had to leave. Leah wanted to go home early, too. She is trying to get to bed earlier since she has been so tired at work. So, Dagan and Leah hung around for a little while and then went off home.

I was disappointed. Had been looking forward to Sacred Circle. And Dagan and Leah are out of town visiting her sister and brother-in-law next weekend--so we just decided to skip this month entirely and just meet as usual, first Sunday in October. I was too tired last night--but I want to do my own thing by myself one night here soon. Probably not tonight. I woke up early and got less sleep. Having a pain dream that involved a rapist and being sliced with a knife--couldn't get back to sleep after that. Not that I am afriad in the dreams when they are pain dreams (where I incorporate my pain into the dreams)--but when I tried to lay back down I started thinking about when I was actually raped in this life back in 1968 and it was creeping me out. So, I started out the day with many less spoons--hehe!

I'll wait and see how I feel later tonight after Dr. Mike's and everything. The trips out of the house are normally tiring for me. I want to do my own buring bowl ceremony and prayers for people and maybe some angel cards and a mediation tape/DVD. Tonight or tomorrow night?

I have two betta bowls--one red betta and one turquoise/blue betta. The red betta has been dying for several days. When they get old they get very weak sometimes. This guy has had a hard time making it to the top of the bowl and has been just lying around on the bottom for days. Won't be long. The blue one is fine and fiesty--he's in the smaller, 1-gallon bowl. He'll be able to graduate to the 2-gallon bowl again when the red one dies--(I have switched them every so often to be fair). I will combine all the live plants into the one larger bowl and not get a replacement for a while. In the meantime, I don't want to disturb the poor dying betta and put him thru cleaning and switching him over to the smaller bowl right now--even if he'd have an easier time getting to the top of the bowl for food. He's not eating much these days anyways and I wanted to give him quiet, peaceful last days.

It is the anniversary of 9/11 today. Lots about that on TV--over the weekend, too. The events and the aftermath--all of it is a shame and so sad to me. Could have been handled so differently. As a country we lost a great opportunity--could have united people instead of separated them--could have promoted healing instead of hate and self-interest. That is in my humble opinion, anyways. I don't think we will ever regain what we lost in the eyes of the world.

UPS is here and coming up! Be back--

Just what we were afraid of--just my order came and not Leah's. Got to go--have to call our lady from Shaklee and find out what the heck is going on...

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