Saturday, September 16, 2006


Never speak too soon. The minute I get any kind of reprieve, my optimism kicks in. Well, I don't think that rib is all the way back in place--at all. I got more and more sore last night and have still had trouble sleeping or getting comfortable anywhere. And today isn't any better. The pain is increasing in sharpness like it did after this first started on Monday. I sure hope he can get my ribs and spine adjusted now this coming Monday. If I can just get me back to my normal pain--I think I just might run for the hills!

While I was writing an email to Duane tonight I remembered that I have asked repeatedly this year for my guides and angels to make it abundantly clear what I am doing right and wrong for my health. I put my health first this year and asked them to really let me know, in no uncertain terms, what is right or wrong for me. Well, then I can't complain. Dr. John's adjustments--right for me--immediate improvement. The supplements from Dr. John--wrong for me--no uncertain terms. And, sadly, Dr. Mike--wrong for me--abundantly clear. Shaklee supplements--so far, no adverse reactions--but I am withholding judgment, because I have been slightly nauseous--but long term higher pain will do that to me. I know that from experience. So, I am waiting to see how I feel after the pain level goes down. (SOON, I hope!!)

Leah and I had mentioned to Erica on Wednesday about only coming in once a month from now on--well, if I can just get back to my own normal on Monday, I think I am honestly afriad to go back to him. (I'm kind of nervous about going on Monday in the first place!) This is just is not working. I have been getting worse! If Dr. Mike can't fix what he did to my ribs on Monday--I should just give up and go to someone else for relief. That would be giving him twice with adjustments to put my ribcage/spine back to where it was. He should be able to do that, right? Enough said. I am just absolutely drained from all of this the past month and a half or so. I just pray he can put my body back to right on Monday. Guess I had better do some serious asking for help, eh? Ask my guides and angels to be there and help the guy! :) Please! Please! I think he just graduated...and each chiropractor has their own personal techniques.. and I know he means well...but.......please help him!!! :):)

On a lighter note--well, not much lighter come to think of the content--ha! About all I am good for lately is watching movies/TV. I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose this afternoon:

Attorney Erin Bruner (Laura Linney) always manages to keep her emotions in check when she's in the middle of a case, but she finds herself unraveling when she decides to represent a priest (Tom Wilkinson) who's conducted an exorcism gone horribly awry. The highly charged case, in which Erin battles an overconfident state lawyer (Aaron Douglas) who thinks he has a slam dunk, leaves her questioning her life choices, career prospects and beliefs.

This was based on a true story and the actual court trial, so that made it more interesting to me. Was on the creepy side, of course. Especially because you know that it was real. The movie doesn't tell you whether to believe or not to believe the versions of what happened. I liked that they left it up to you to decide. Was done well. I always enjoy Laura Linney--a fine actress.

So, you know what I am probably up to the rest of the weekend--musical chairs around my apartment, TV & movies, trying to sleep, and waiting for Monday. :)


Anonymous said...

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Rita said...

Thanks for the information! I will check into that--definitely! :)

(Rib injury wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to lay on them to sleep, lean on them to sit, and use them to breathe--sigh!)