Friday, November 03, 2006


What do Karma and I do at 4:30 in the morning?
My timer went off, so I had to leave the computer for a while.
I went to sit in my chair and continue writing a letter to my friend, Ruby, in Wisconsin.
(Hi, Ruby!)
So, Karma decided to grab a few winks on the other chair.
After a brief "cat nap" she started sprawling and stretching about.
She thought I wasn't watching and started pushing my water bottle off the table.

I laughed and put it back.

So, she decided to capture the pages from the letter and pull them off the table.

I told her to leave them alone, silly girl.

She hid so I couldn't see her.

I informed her that I could still see her and, giggling, to stop the shenanigans.

She feigned disinterest until I was busily writing away again.

I grabbed the pages and put them back.

So then she casually went for her comb.

This is how we spend our time.

Not neccessarily doing this particular silly interaction, but Karma and I are always talking and she's always thinking of something else to do that will make me laugh or to try to scare me. (I think she knows I fake the surprise half the time for her benefit, but she really enjoys it when she truly does startle me.)

Came time to move again at 5:30am.

I went back to the computer.

Karma moseyed over to keep me company. Tired as she was.

She's up on the desk now a lot. I gave her that inch--and you can't take it back with a cat--chuckle!

She did leave the desk, after 15-20 minutes. She's lying on her back nearby the computer chair in her prayer position on the more comfortable to sprawl upon carpeting.

The timer has gone off.

6:30am and I am heading someplace else...

and Karma will follow her own sweet time.

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