Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is the empty box from the new DVD/VCR player. I taped the corners of the flaps together for height and cut a hole so Miss Karma now has another plaything for a while. Just like a curious toddler, she is easy to please and gets more entertainment out of trash than the toys I buy her--hehe! Notice she has drug her two fishing pole toys into the box for safekeeping.

Yesterday I got out the little green cart and made a trip to the garage with the bedroom VCR, a couple of boxes, and the plant pots. Man!! Was I ever glad I had my new green coat! Really cold out there! I wheeled in an old cassette player--for my dancing--but the cord is missing. Called Dagan, but he doesn't have it. (I sent a box of assorted electronic cords over to him when I downsized here.) That means another trip to double-check in the freezing garage--eventually--hehe! Have to work up to that.

Then I wheeled down the Christmas decorations box and a couple more things to my storage area--and hauled back all the rest of the massage table stuff and the small round table for the humidifier. I left the massage table paraphernalia on the cart so that, later on, I could wheel it down for Leah to her car when she left after card night. Thank goodness for the green coat--again! Boy! I am glad I don't have to be out in this if I don't want to 95% of the time!! :)
When Leah made it over after yoga last night we never did get to working on the cards. She was here a little over an hour. First she went online and switched me over to a different presecription drug choice for next year where I won't have to pay any co-payments on what I am taking right now. (That is what Leah does at the office job--take calls for the FoxRX prescription drug plan--so she knows all about this stuff! Leah is keeping her eyes open for another job. FoxRX is outsourcing to India and she'll be without a job here pretty soon!) So, I wanted to switch to somebody else as long as, eventually, Leah won't be there anymore.
Then we took everything out of the shelves above the washer and dryer. When I put these together--duh!--I didn't realize you needed to have a back on them, too. Wondered why I had so many parts left over--hehe! Well, one day here an entire section collapsed and little knobbies went flying! I had sent the leftover wire and knobbies over to Leah because she uses them in a closet--she made a pantry out of hers!
Leah handed everything to me and I piled stuff on my bed (Karma enetertainment, of course). We got everything out and Leah put the backs on properly--as they should have been in the first place. You can see why Dagan and Leah just shake their heads at me sometimes. Women are supposed to be better at reading the instructions and I usually am/was. Fibro has cost me my mind! A part of it, at least. If you can remember times in your life when you were just so damn tired that you couldn't even think straight anymore--that's how I feel--a lot of the time. That causes me to make mistakes and forget things that I never would have before the fibro.

Anyways, then we maneuvered that long thing back up there. I handed everything back up to her and we got it all organized--better than it was before. Looking good! Most of the top shelf is all materials for making handmade paper. That is what the "Dead Plants" box is for too--chuckle! I save the dead parts of my plants and we use them in papermaking. The asparagus ferns will be recycled. So, don't be surprised if some of you get a card one day with the tiny little spikey leaves in the paper/cardstock--hehe!

This is another day I am up early! Wonder how long this will last? Went to bed at 10:30pm and woke up at 7am. Now, how much more "normal" can one get? hehe! I am enjoying it while it lasts. Altho--today, from all the hauling and lifting yesterday, I am really hurtin' and tired--no surprise. It was a pain pills morning--hehe! And I have been writing this blog one short section at a time. It's after 11am now.

Leah said she will try to make it over Friday night to work on cards for a couple of hours if she can. She's wanting to get them done, too, I guess.

I got my first Christmas card yesterday! From Emily--used to work with her at Concordia Language Villages offices. She's a brilliant young woman--going for her PhD in all that stuff I am no good at--science, biology, chemistry, lab work, research, etc. Can't remember exactly what her degree will be in--but she's sooo smart! And she has lost all this weight!! I always thought she was a very pretty girl, but she sent a photo in her Christmas letter--she's just beautiful!!! I am so happy for her! Oh, to be young with your future lying fresh before you...full of plans and dreams! Wouldn't want to go thru it again, personally. I never had any great luck with planning my future--LOLOL--but it sure is an exciting time.

I managed to finish (skimming mostly) the "Dark Side of The Light Chasers" book by Debbie Ford for the online postings. This was the last week. Had to rush thru it, tho--two chapters a week is way too fast for this kind of a book. I made a promise to myself--I will start the book from the beginning and crawl thru it--seriously, intently, honestly, and deeply--as a New Year's resolution for 2007. You can expect upcoming pondering posts--hehe! Deep Thoughts by Soul Comfort--LOLOL!

Such a beautiful, sunny day. Was zero degrees at 7am. We are supposed to have snow in a couple of days. Seems to have been missing us here in Fargo. I can't imagine a Christmas without snow!

That's it from freezing Fargo for today! :) Have a great day!

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