Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Funny, now I can't remember if this was JoAnn's or Michael's? I discovered I had my camera with and was going to take pictures of our craft shopping journey...

...but after entering Hobby Lobby I forgot about the camera. I was getting progressively more sore, but it was such a fun night!! Leah and I went first to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Then we hit every craft store in Fargo--went to JoAnn's, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby. Then we drove to Moorhead to K&Krafts in the Moorhead Center Mall (our favorite craft store!).

We found a little here and a little there, but it was at K&K's that we finally decided on what to make this year for Christmas cards! They're going to be monochromatic green, but that is all I will say. :) This year Leah and I are both doing the same cards and will work together in assembly-line construction on Wednesdays. We are really excited about the cards---and our new items to play with. We have ribbons, yarns, a circle cutter, a couple of mat stacks (one is sticky back paper!), and some new punches--besides the supplies for the Christmas cards. Was such fun to be back in the craft stores! Been a while. We used up the money from the craft account, that's for sure. (Leah still had money left from when she was doing the mall craft sales.) This winter, after the holidays, we want to meet regularly and experiment with some of the fun things we have either not gotten to yet or have had little time to play with.

I am very sore--pain pills day--taking it easy so I will be in shape for making cards tomorrow night. Am feeling inspired and excited to be making cards again--and my body will catch up with my mind--hehe! :)

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