Monday, November 27, 2006


Caught Karma bathing!

And Miss Gracie chatting with her boyfriend who lives in the mirrors.

Dagan is coming over today to help me with the computer. What would I do without him?

I emailed Dagan and Leah this morning. (Yes, I have been up since 4:15am! I actually went to bed at 8:30pm--such crazy hours! That was the most sleep I've had in a week.) Leah could do the 30 videos for Shaklee for this special deal, too, but she hates to sit at the computer. She has always preferred her laptop--but it died a while back. So, I emailed them and offered to lend her my laptop till New Year's Eve. I'd like to have it back so I can start my Morning Pages up again with the new year. If she does, then Dagan can take it home with him today after lunch. ?? They do so much for me! It's the least I can do.

Dagan and Leah are going to get me a new DVD/VCR player from Best Buy and then I will pay them back in December and January payments. This means I cannot get the cleaning starter kit from Shaklee, so I had to revise my order and make it smaller. Life is in constant flux, is it not? hehe! In that case, I decided to try their mascara. I developed an allergy to mascara years ago and it makes my eyes water and sting--even the hypoallergenic mascara does after a while. This Shaklee mascara may, too--but I have wanted to try it and find out. And I am ordering a pedometer. I know! What a waste of money, you say! hehe! I will find out what I actually do and maybe it will motivate me to do more? I seem to really like the food tracking on Sparks and am learning a lot about how I actually eat, so I thought I'd give this a try, too, since Shaklee sells one.
I'm going to move the DVD/VCR player from the living room to the bedroom, since the VCR still works. The VCR I am using in the bedroom is awful to program and anything you tape on it has to be watched on it. I don't know what it does to the tapes--stretches them? But you can't play them back in the living room--can hardly see them for the tracking problems. Hopefully I won't have that problem anymore. Or, the way my electronic equipment goes around here, for a while at least. :)
Dark, overcast day today. Was 11 degrees at 5:00am. They are predicting possible sleet conditions tonight. That inbetween rain and snow stuff that makes the roads so dangerous. I hope they are wrong and we either get rain or snow--period. One can hope!
Oh, Renae said she was sending in my free Shaklee order today. I have just a few extras--so I am starting the twice a day, full dose with the menopause complex today! Say a little prayer for
me. I'd sure be grateful to feel less foggy brained and tired all the time. :)
I am having troubles with paragraph breaks not showing up when I publish. I will try this one more time since I got the top half to work last time. Sorry if it doesn't work. Seems like they have problems with this occasionally.

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