Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Made it to the chiropractor today with Leah. This Dr. Hager is completely different from the other place we were going to. He only wants to see you if you are in pain. No regular scheduled appointments for him--no 2-3 times a week like at Dr. John's. I am so glad!! I am still paying for the other place and will be until January! And I thought that the most progress I made with my back/spine over there was in the first two weeks or so, anyways. I had told Leah that I didn't feel I needed to go that often--but they made you feel like you weren't really wanting to take care of yourself if you didn't come as often as he thought you should. Hummm? And Dr. John mostly used his little hammer on me. Dr. Hager--wow! It uses a lot of twisting and cracking and pressure! He does really deep pushing of muscles along and away from your spine! Hurts like hell at the time, but you feel better afterwards. So, unless I am in pain--no chiropractor!!! TaDa!!

This visit Dr. Hager got rid of the residual pain and twinges from that same spot that was so painful from young Dr. Mike. It has continued to be an annoyance since I went to Dr. Hager last time, but nothing painful enough over and above the rest of the regular pain to force me into action--hehe! I didn't realize, tho, how badly it still hurt till he started pressing and pushing around! I mean, I knew I still had residual pain there, but after dealing with the last place--I was hesitant about going back--not sure if Dr. Hager could actually fix the problem, you know? He did!!

I can see why Dr. Hager looked askance and frowned when I was telling him about the three times a week at Dr. John's. Dr. Hager would feel like he wasn't accomplishing anything to actually help you if he had to see you that often for months! You can tell that Dr. Hager knows what he is doing. He gets right to the problem and works on you till you have relief. He tells you to wait a few days and see if you think you need to come back or not for a little fine tuning. "If you still have pain after a few days--come back. If not--I really hope not to see you" he said with a glowing smile. Then he has done his job well.

Going to Dr. John had its positives, tho. I got rid of the terrible, shooting tail bone pain. He got Leah and I both thinking about our health holistically. We had to decide that we were worth the money--that our health was worth the money--and we made that committment. Dr. John was a very positive person. We went thru the testing and learned what areas we needed to work on--and what areas we were good in (much to my surprise!!). Everything happens for a reason. So, I think Dr. Mike and those horrible supplements happened to get us out of there and on to the next step on our pathways to better health. :)

All this has gotten Dagan thinking about his health, too. He's going to start taking more than just the VitaLea (multiple vitamins) and NutriFeron. In fact, there should be an extra order for them arriving here tomorrow. Dagan's going to start taking the Energizing Protein Powder in the mornings--he tried it and liked it (tastes pretty good, actually). Not sure what else he's going to take? But I am so glad!! I want him around for as long as possible, too!!!

Anyways, back to Dr. Hager--Leah gets sharp neck pains that the massage therapist (she has been going to occasionally since we quit at Chiro Life) can't quite take care of. She loves the massages, but needs things cracked, I guess. So, she might go in more often to Dr. hager than I will. But we both like him. And he uses this cream that must be a mentholated cream of some kind--it is cool, but tingly. Feels good and lasts for quite a while after the appointment. It is nice to know he is there if we need him. :)

After the chiro appointment Leah and I ran over to Target. I picked up a roll of the very cheap little 4 gallon bags that I use for my bathroom garabge and for Karma's cat box cleaning every day. I was down to the extremely crinkled ones on the very inside of the roll--hehe!

Then Leah came up to my place and we got the massage table out of the storage room so she could take that home with her. Yay!! :):)

I have only had two hours of sleep--a little nap this morning. I have no idea why I am still awake--again. I definitely decided to start taking the full dose of the Shaklee Menopause Complex on December. I have only been taking half a dose and my sleeping is getting worse. Or not sleeping, I should say--until I finally crash out for a sleepathon! And I am getting warm off and on more often. Not like the sweating I have read about, but warm enough, thank you very much!! I guess I could call them hot flashes. They can wake me up and/or keep me from sleeping. Hormones!! *sigh*

As long as I was up all night last night, I finally finished these 30 Shaklee product videos I watched online and answered questions about each one. This was a deal Renae offered us (Pam, Leah, and I). You get them all done and mail the 30 forms to her with your list of $100 worth of product at retail price--and she will order them for you!! Her gift--she does this out of her own pocket! I felt like I was back at school. I actually ended up taking notes on them--not just finding out three things that interested me. Writing in the margins--making notations. So, I actaully kept the originals and sent her copies (so I could read all the stuff around the edges of the forms--hehe!). I wanted them for future reference. Anyways, sent them off today!!

Then, because Renae will be paying for most of the things I buy every month, I can finally get the cleaning starter kit in December! So excited!! I am almost out of dishwasher soap, for one. Soon will be using plain hot water. (Altho, Dagan and Leah tease me all the time about how I clean all the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, anyways-hehe! They'll be pretty darn clean even without dishwasher soap--I'll be sure to scrub them extra well with dishsoap before I run them thru--ha!)

What I am excited about is that in one small way I can make a difference for the earth. I will gradually be switched over to entirely non-toxic cleaning products. When Karma walks on the wet floor after Caroline cleans it--no toxins/poisons will get up thru her little feet! :) When I clean Gracie and Karma's dishes I won't have to worry about getting every last bit of soap off of them and rinse and rinse them--and that will save some water, too--hehe! Leah and Dagan will be doing this later, too--buying the big starter kit. Leah is so excited to see everything that is in it, she wants to be here when I open the box next month!! chuckle! If I am just an old hippie--Leah is a young one! :):)

I may not be sleeping well, but I have been in just the best, best mood lately! Just feeling happy and grateful and lucky. Smiling a lot. Oh--and at a suggestion from a lady on Sparks, I think I have found something I can actually do for exercise that will lift my spirits at the same time!! Dancing around the apartment! I've been dragging out old cassette tapes--Moody Blues, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Harper, Enya, Madonna, Willie Nelson, whatever I can find with an actual singer (my tastes have gone thru changes over the years, eh?). Most of my tapes and CDs have no vocals--instrumentals, new agey stuff, environmental music with frogs, crickets, and whales. Not stuff to dance to. I am even ordering some DVDs from Netflix with Sting, The Doors, Simon and Garfunkle, The Moody Blues (I loved them!!), The Beatles, etc. Going to have music about the place. Might be a shock for the neighbors who are used to quiet and the occasional chirping from this far end of the hallway--because if I am going to play music to dance to, I will play it a little louder than I play the television!! hehe!

So, you can think of me dancing around my apartment--freaking out Karma and Gracie--and having hot flashes in Fargo!! LOLOL!!

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