Friday, November 24, 2006


I tried to get night pictures that showed the lights better on the tree...
... and the ones on the living room window--which turned out to be easier to see.Here's the empty hanging pot where the asparagus fern got chopped off. Looks pretty silly hanging there. I have to decide if I'll give it a chance to regrow or just store the pot in the garage. I'm thinking the garage because I don't get as much light in the bedroom during the winter months. It would come back all scrawny and spindly, anyways. It is always so sad to give up on a living thing. :(
Been up all night again. Probably going to nap again here pretty soon. Seems like I have lost all control over my sleep for now. If I try to "make" myself sleep--I have laid down and just been awake for an hour or two and never fallen asleep. My friend, Bonnie, suggested that I could quit taking anything for menopause and just see if I am better or worse. ?? That's an idea. But I think, first, I am going to try the correct amount--since I have some coming pretty soon. I'll see if I am better or worse taking the full dose. Enough menopause moaning! :)
Dagan and Leah changed our own little Thanksgiving dinner to Sunday, December 3rd. We are meeting that day for Sacred Circle and some Healing Touch lessons, anyways, that day. Turned out Leah's sister and her husband are staying all weekend with them. I thought it was nice that they wanted our dinner to just be the three of us. No problem--I can certainly wait. :)
Leah suggested I unplug the errant DVD player and see if that would re-set it so it would work. Didn't. I have left it alone for a few days. Am going to try putting in a DVD again right now to see if it can "read" it....
I have the worst luck with computers and electronic equipment. No go on the DVD player. So, I tried my laptop and now that won't work either! Guess I'd better email Dagan, my techie, and ask him what to do or try. Maybe I do need a nap--hehe!

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