Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday- 3:00 pm

Wow! The flash really works on this camera! The following pictures were all taken in the dark!
I forgot to mention that Leah dropped off my very early Christmas present on Monday night. (I am going to contribute in December.) I was too tired to set it up that night, so I set it up yesterday late afternoon when Dagan was here. It has been so dry in here since I had to shut it up and put the heat on that I've even had blood noses! Anyways, I noticed that I hadn't seen Karma for quite a while last night, so I went looking for her. It is such a rarity for her not to be glued to my hip, so to speak. I found her snoozing on my bed...
...where I had the mister aimed.
Karma came out for a while last night and then she disappeared again. I found her sitting in the dark inside the bedroom door near the humidifier.
Obviously she was appreciating the humidity, too! Thanks Dagan and Leah--from all of us!!
I moved the humidifier into the living room today so that Miss Gracie could glean some of the benefits, also. I will be doing that--back and forth--all winter. Ahhh! Nice! Nice!
The office told me the window guy said he'd come to fix the bedroom window today, but he hasn't shown up so far. I called the office yesterday about the florescent light in the kitchen that has been flickering and going out. The maintenance man came already today to replace it. It was driving Leah so crazy she'd shut off the kitchen light--hehe! I would have left it to flicker till it died (there are two bulbs in the fixture) like I did the last one--chuckle! All fixed now, Leah. :)
Dagan was going to come over for lunch today, but forgot that he was dropping his car off for the day for its annual winterizing. So, he's coming tomorrow. And tomorrow night Leah is coming to work on Christmas cards! So, another busy day for me! :)
I've been working a lot on letters lately. I simply have to hand write letters. I can't imagine a world where I couldn't take pen in hand and chat with friends and family. I miss it when I go too long using email--hehe! Hand writing is a more intimate or relaxed conversation than email, you know?
Been reading the Debbie Ford book and working on the exercises--really thought provoking!
Questions like: What am I most afraid of? What's the biggest lie I have ever told myself? What's the biggest lie I have ever told someone else? What aspects of my life need transforming? What am I most afraid of finding out about myself?
Not exactly light reading. But all good! So...doing a lot of that inner work lately. I need a lot on inner work!!
I decided to mostly write about how the healthy eating and all of that lifestyle changing is going on my Sparks blog. But I will have general updates in here, too. Don't worry, nothing will be happening quickly--hehe! :)
Cloudy, but beautiful day today! 64 degrees! Very late Indian summer? Had the windows open this afternoon--able to turn off the heat and humidifier. Karma was thrilled I had the porch door propped open again for her--like the good old days--the fleeting days of summer--hehe! Hope it is nice wherever you are!

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