Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday- 7 pm

Caught Karma leaving her bathroom. I'm sure she's glad I finally scrubbed out the plastic cat box yesterday. Even when you have "scoopable" litter and scoop every day, it only lasts so long. There are too many small pieces that manage to get thru the strainer scoop and after while they accumulate. Tidy Cat is terrible stuff, as far as I'm concerned--smells! But I use Scoop Away or Fresh Step and I only have to completely empty and scrub about once every 4-6 months. I scoop every day, tho.

Thanks to Leah, nobody knows where the cat box is over at my place. We got a toy box/storage box from Target. Leah put it together for me--but before she did...
...she cut a hole in the end for an entrance for Miss Karma. But it just looks like a storage bench from the hallway.
We couldn't find a real cat box to fit inside, so we went searching. Found a plastic tub with a lid that would fit inside and Leah cut it down. Works like a charm! I laid a scrap of the outdoor carpeting I used on the porch on the bottom to catch the kitty litter off her feet. It looks like it works really well, but she still manages to drag little pieces all over the house from inbetween her toes! That's cats for you! Caroline vacuums the carpeting in there for me when she comes.

I brought in the Christmas stuff from the garage yesterday, too! Yup! Going to try to put the little tree up on the bookcase next to Miss Gracie. Might look funny--but it will be out of the reach of curious paws!

The guy was supposed to come and fix the bedroom window--again--today, but he never showed up. Dagan and Leah's extra smaller order came from Shaklee and she dropped by quickly to pick it up after work. I napped again--for like five hours. Haven't slept but 7 hours in two days. Hope to be able to sleep now tonight?? One never knows...but one can hope. :)

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