Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, I was up for 24 hours!! I don't believe it! Puttering about. Finished the embossing on this section of the Christmas cards, writing letters, working on the secret project, reading, cleaned the betta bowl, caught up on all my emails (seldom is my inbox totally empty), and watched TV. Went to bed at 1:00am and woke up at 5:30pm tonight! Boy, did I sleep well, tho! What a off-kilter life I lead. :)

Tomorrow afternoon Leah and I go to the chiropractor. But, because of Thanksgiving on Thursday, Leah has to work at her second job on Wednesday night instead of Thursday--so we won't meet to work on cards on Wednesday and will wait till the following week.

Leah invited me over for our own little Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday! How nice! I am so used to spending the holidays alone--and I don't mind at all. Dagan and Leah rotate between her mom's (Leah's dad died years ago) and Dagan's dad and stepmom's. I get to see them regularly, so I don't feel at all deprived. But it will be nice to actually have a Thanksgiving with them this year!! She said she's making a ham dinner!

With my health being what it is, it's nice to just be curled up in front of the TV watching holiday specials and movies with Karma and Gracie. Dagan and Leah are the only family I have up here in the North country. Over the years since I moved here in 1999 I have been invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations by various people I met at school--believe it or not, even bright-eyed 20-some year old girls worried about me being alone on the holidays--hehe! But I always turned them down. They didn't understand how I could prefer to spend quiet, peaceful holidays alone rather than be with people, you know? I have no desire to be "with people" just for the sake of not being alone. If I can't be with my own friends and/or family--that's fine. I have no trouble being with me--hehe! Darn good thing, eh? As I do spend almost all my time alone. And now--no offense to Miss Gracie--Karma is much more company than I've had for years! :):)

I'm debating about bringing in the little, table-top tree this year. I know it would be just too much temptation for Miss Karma--no idea where to put it? Maybe some blinking lights around the window. That's what I did last year with a young cat in the place--hehe! Karma's no old, lay-about cat yet, that's for sure. And she can't leave a single thing alone that is brought into this apartment if she can reach it. I doubt she'll change in that regard. I'd have to find some spot where she couldn't reach the little tree--and with my crowded apartment--that is a real challenge! Might have to be twinkling lights again this year--or nothing. I do so love twinkling/blinking lights, tho! They got the better of me last year when I was going to do nothing at all--hehe! We'll see.

I could maybe take everything off the bookcase next to Gracie and I think the little tree might just fit up there....hummmm??? :):)

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