Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I decided to see about the Christmas decorations since I made the decision to go for it this year. I moved all the knick knacks from off the bookcase by Gracie into the bedroom on the tall dresser. I decided that the asparagus ferns were driving me completely crazy! I cut them back and if they grow back, okay. But they were half dying with the change in the weather and the position of the sun shifting so they get less light--dropping those tiny, spikey leaves all over my bedroom. I have always liked the looks of asparagus ferns, but have always had this same problem with them, too. I will not mourn them if they don't survive the drastic crew cut. Mean, I know--but they do drive me crazy when parts of them keep dying and shedding.
I draped the blinking lights across my rose garlands in the living room. These lights have a tinny musical accompaniment I can turn up if I want. I removed the red bells a couple years ago.
The tree fit just fine up on top of the bookcase. I did discover another thing that got broken in the move to Fargo. The little tree was in a black trash bag. There's a tripod base for the tree. Two of the three legs--well, it has been cracked at the base where the legs connect. You would have had to be pretty rough with this little tree to smash it down that hard. So, the tree is balancing up there on top of the bookcase. I will have to see if I can use super glue or something to prevent it from falling over or getting any worse. The move here--was definitely the worst move of my life. Had to hire a moving company and they damaged so many things in the move. Apartment Movers for anyone is this area--don't ever hire them. They gouged & scratched furniture, broke glass, demolished a bookcase into pieces, smashed, dented, & dropped boxes, and took almost 12 hours to move a two-bedroom apartment when they estimated 3-4 hours (even disappeared for two of those 12 hours). I'm sure I'll still find more things in the garage that have been broken or damaged. I haven't been thru all the boxes out there, yet.
Anyways, the tree is up--really "up"! hehe! Those are three singing angels set up next to the Victorian tree. I forgot to take a picture of the Santa head in the hallway--hehe! Karma was begging for him--he has a yarn beard that somehow entices her to attack? She cannot reach him, either. So, I think I am cat-safe with my decorations--knock on wood!

I am washing a load of clothes. That will do me in for the day, that's for sure. All the climbing and hauling things about--and then doing wash, too. Big day in Fargo--LOLOL!! Hope everybody is having a great Thanksgiving!

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