Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yesterday I had been up all night long and never slept. Since the window man was scheduled to be coming to work on the inside of the third floor apartments, I was hoping he might start with #301. I showered, dressed, and started washing clothes & sheets just to keep myself awake.

I was right! He came knocking on my door about 10am. Since he had to remove the windows to put in new screens, I talked him into letting me clean them before he put them in again (slowing him down some, but he didn't seem to mind and didn't offer to help-chuckle!). I had to do them as quickly as I could so I couldn't do the extra nice job I would have if I had the time, but they are much cleaner. I used up half a roll of paper towels and they were just black from the side facing the out of doors! I always ask questions, I guess. Found out he was putting some clips in so that the upper halves of the windows cannot be removed and won't droop. So, now the outside of the top halves need to be cleaned by the owners. Humm? I doubted I'd ever see another chance to have cleaner windows--so I grabbed it! hehe! And I had him show me how to flip out the lower half of the windows so that I can clean the backsides myself in the future, too! TaDa!

He said he'd have to come back to fix the bedroom window. Didn't have the part. The bedroom window has slid down and refused to stay open ever since I moved in. I have been using a wooden dowel cut to fit--by Leah, of course--to prop it open. My old apartment in Moorhead, built in 1969, had old wooden windows that could crash down suddenly and about give you a heart attack--so I had been using dowels on all those windows over there for the five years I lived there. Anyways, the window man is supposed to come by tomorrow about 10am to fix the bedroom window for me. I will be able to open the window however wide I want it! Oh, the little joys in life, eh?

I finished clothes, watched some shows I had taped, and was in bed and asleep by 7pm. Woke up at 8am this morning! Yes--me--8am--chuckle! Extra sore from cleaning the windows and doing wash--it was immediately a pain pill day this morning--less spoons. But the windows look sooo nice! I didn't realize how dirty they had become!!

Caroline, the cleaning girl came this afternoon. The Shaklee order was delivered by UPS. I split up our order and did the invoice check. Dagan was here for his 4:30pm pacemaker check (over the telephone--they don't own a land line, so he comes here to step into the technological past). He took the Shaklee box home. I invited him to visit for lunch tomorrow. :)

Inbetween times I have been on www.sparkpeople.com a lot. Also, I've been reading Dark Side of the Light Chasers and remembering how much I love this book--even if it is a daunting book in a lot of ways. I think this is a book I could read every year or two for the rest of my life, actually. It is all about dealing with your dark side or shadow side--the parts of ourselves that we don't like or don't want to admit about ourselves. About learning to forgive, accept, and love our dark side. If we can discover where the postive lessons are about those sides of yourself we can, therefore, also learn to be truly forgiving of others. And it is the only way you can transform negatives into positves, too!! So exciting! I read it several years ago and I am enjoying reading it again. Tough love! That's what it is--tough love. :) I have so much to work on--will take me the rest of my life!

Leah will be coming over after work Thursday night. We are going to start working on Christmas cards every Thursday night until we get done. (Hope I didn't already talk about this? Fibro fog can be a curse--hehe!) I'm excited about that and have to start thinking about what I am going to make this year??? :)

Obviously, I will be tired before 6-8am--and I'll be up in the morning again tomorrow!! TaDa!! As much as I love the night, sometimes I wish I could stay on days when these brief "socially acceptable" hours arrive unexpectedly for a few days. Oh well, as Popeye said--I am what I am! :)

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