Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Warning: If you don't care for cats, the following will bore you to tears!
Chuckle! Chuckle! Chuckle!

I was asked (in a cat lovers group, of course)--why I thought Karma was unique? Hummmm? Hard to put your finger on it, but Dagan (who has lived with most of my cats) has said it, too. I think a lot of it is her attitude, personality, and quirks. Cats are often so strange--that's what I love about them!
Karma can be all demanding lovey-dovey, not content to be on my lap, she has to be across my chest and shoulder and keep rearranging herself like she can't get close enough--usually in the mornings. She loves to hide and leap out at you as you walk by--LOVES to scare me (so I pretend that she has a lot of the time). But she's a little embarrassed when I scare her. We actually play hide and seek at night in the dark before we go to bed. So she's quite annoyed with me if I stay awake till dawn--(fibro, etc, I keep crazy hours)--because she won't play unless it is dark and I swear she pouts.

She has this wild streak that just erupts! I thought she'd outgrow this, but she's 20 months old now. It doesn't last as long, but she still wants to play "crazy cat" and fight! She puts her ears back and does this growling, sideways walking, I-am-going-to-attack-your-leg thing. Then I am supposed to push her over and spin her around on her back without letting her get her teeth on me (she's declawed). She doesn't bite hard--you know the fake biting cats do when they wrestle around? She wants to, but she knows she'll get in trouble and I won't play if she bites a little too hard (which she does on purpose sometimes and quickly runs for the hills). And she knows she can't play crazy cat unless I am in the mood. If I am busy or don't feel well I have to tell her "no!" like you'd tell an unruly kid--and she gets so pissed off! Then she'll do one of her racing across the apartment, launching up and off the chairs, half-howling routines. Which she will also do for no apparent reason (to me). She's been doing it lately and walks around just generally bitching off and on. I think she is pissed off that it has gotten too cold to lounge about on the screened in porch--but I am not really sure? I think it is extremely frustrating to her that I don't understand her, since she understands English.

She also attacks toes while anybody is sitting in a chair, or thru the covers when I am in bed, when the mood strikes her--she can be in a wilder mood or a gentler mood about it. I squeal in a high Mr. Bill voice--"Oh no! Oh no! You got me!" She takes great delight in the sound effects! She will let go, almost looks like she's smiling, and bite again just to get the sound effects. This has encouraged visiting humans to do the Mr. Bill imitations, just to get Karma's reactions. She's an expressive cat!

As crazy and as demanding for attention as she can be--she never bothers me to wake me up no matter when I sleep or for how long--not even if her bowl goes empty. She seems to know I need whatever sleep I can get whenever I can get it--so she never wakes me up. She can be amazingly considerate. Doesn't even try to kill Miss Gracie when she hits the floor on occasion and follows Karma around on the floor as I previously mentioned. (Gracie isn't the brightest bulb on the tree and loves Karma!)

Karma has odd mannerisms. She often sleeps on her back in that odd 4-foot curling position so she looks like she's praying or imitating a squirrel or something. She occasionally sits on her stomach just far enough away from her little dry food bowl so that she has to do a full arm stretch to reach in and delicately scoop and paw until a kibble or two hit the floor--and then she taps them gradually, gently over to her mouth. I kind of princess lazy streak.

She's usually a sprawler when she sleeps. Good thing I never bought her any of those little round cat beds. She's a bed hog--and I (we) sleep in a single bed!

I have never spent so much time with a cat before--disabled and home 95% of the time--so what does that tell you?!! My son says she's like this BECAUSE she spends so much time with me--LOLOL True! Seems like everybody who comes to visit likes her and usually ends up playing with her or at least petting her. (Dagan likes to tease her and get her all worked up!)

There--I have put up a lot of pictures, but I have never taken the time to tell people more about Karma. Only cat lovers would understand, I suppose. That's why I posted the warning--hehe! I was just thinking--Karma would have been a cat my Grandma Ring would have just hated! She didn't like cats who liked to scare you or tried to glom onto you leg. (That made me laugh out loud while I was typing that--just thinking about Grandma Ring and Karma! Oh My!!)

Anyways, this is a late night entry. I tried to put on another picture--but I already had all the writing on the post and it didn't work. Tried three times, I think. Oh well. BTW--I guess eventually all the blogspot blogs (almost a tongue twister!) are going to have to move to some Google Beta blog? I tried to follow the directions and it didn't work for me at all! Supposed to be able to transfer all of our old posts and it will look the same and we'd have a similar or same address? I guess I'll have to ask Dagan about helping me to do this. I don't know when the switch will be finished, but I don't think there's a rush about it. It does explain why there have been more problems with posting lately. I've read that other bloggers on blogspot have sometimes had it take hours of trying just to publish the post to the web? I haven't had that degree of trouble so far--but who knows? I have never had it tell me that the picture was on the blog and then I can't see it, either? So, who knows? Here I go...

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