Sunday, November 26, 2006


Okay--the "grey stuff". I discovered it isn't easy to get pictures and I had to take quite a few to get ones that you could see. Can enlarge them by clicking on them, too. The easiest one to see is where Miss Gracie's cage almost touches the wall. All I had to do was pull the cage forward and tada!
I keep some art paper, cardboard, and canvases in the corner by the living room window. There's a supply of watercolor paper inside of that folded cardboard. When I pull it forward, you can see all the streaky grey stuff behind there on the wall.
This really peculiar grey stuff shows up overnight when it feels like it. Just once in a while. Happened that I hadn't scrubbed it off yet (it showed up Friday) so I got a shot of that, too.
It loves plastic and my wastebaskets are a prime target. The one next to my bed is very darkly covered with it. I used to have white ones--what a disaster. I thought buying grey ones to begin with might help--but you can still see the grey stuff is darker than the light grey wastebasket (or used to be light grey).
This was more difficult to get a photo of--there's a shadow on the wall behind the wastebasket.
Here's a close-up of the grey stuff on the bedroom wastebasket. It will usually scrub off of plastic. It depends on the type of plastic. Some plastic--it kind of embeds itself into the plastic and even Comet or 409 wouldn't take it off. But, you can't wipe it off the walls! Not with the cheap paints they use in apartments! It smears! And you have a really disgusting mess that you cannot remove. It is better to just leave it alone.
I don't have all that much grey stuff here yet. I haven't been doing energy work in this apartment. That seems to magnify the process. My apartment in Moorhead--on every outside wall the grey stuff surrounded every nail in the wall for some reason by the time I left. And it has a tendency to show where the beams on the ceilings are if I am around for a few years. But the nails and the beams are the whiter part?? The grey stuff kind of surrounds them?

The very first time I noticed it was when I lived in Rogers, Minnesota. I had a cream colored phone and when I'd hold the phone I had my index finger pointing up the back of the phone. I put the phone in the cradle and saw grey rays surrounding where my finger tip would have been. I have had the same thing happen with certain computer mice I used (depending on the type of, I think?)--you could see right where I held my finger--it would be surrounded by grey.

The grey stuff really freaked me out at first. I moved away from Rogers to Osseo--thought I was free of it! In celebration I bought new white garbages, a white coffee pot, a new white toaster, and scrubbed down the cream colored phones (didn't own a computer back then)---bad idea! hehe!

You should have seen my first cream colored computer monitor! You could see grey fingerprints where I had touched it and it was all streaked with that smudgey stuff. Couldn't clean it off of that particular plastic either. That was the first aprtment where I could see the ceiling beams. And for some reason I had sprays of grey stuff up the walls that looked like they were coming from the heat registers--up to a foot long!

Okay--sorry to totally freak you out. I am so used to it, now, after 13 years that I forget about it. The dark accumulation in corners--how sometimes it takes months or years for something to show up and yet something else can be covered overnight! Even had a I Can't Believe It's Not Butter container be covered overnight--in the refrigerator? Just one time--in Moorhead. Oh--and a brand new set of plastic spatulas stuck in my big ceramic pot on the kitchen counter--covered overnight in Moorhead. Occasionally will happen to different plastic containers in my kitchen cupboards, too.

I have had pyschics and healers tell me that it is because of my "energy"? That somehow I effect my surroundings electrically? That is as close to an explanation as I have ever gotten--hehe! And maybe that is the case? Frankly, I haven't worried about it for many years. It is nothing negative, that's for sure. I sure don't feel any negativity from it. It makes me laugh when I find it in some new spot--like the toilet seat! What's up with that? hehe! I just started to think about it again when the white powdery stuff showed up when I got the humidifier. "Ultrasonic" sounds very electrical to me--maybe it is my "energy" emissions and the ultrasonic emissions from the humidifier butting up against one another? LOLOL!!!

I was just thinking! I should have posted this for Halloween!!! LOLOLOL!!!

I wonder if we start practicing energy work over at Dagan and Leah's if they will get grey stuff all over the place? Will I get more over here just because I am "charging up"?? I promise I'll fill you in--hehe!

That's it from my "boring" life in Fargo for today--hehe!

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