Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is the machine that lifts a strange and noisy man to our window. It makes a loud robotic noise when it moves.
He is supposed to be on second floor all week a notice informed us at the front door. But since I haven't left the building recently, I have no clue when the notice was placed on the door--chuckle!
Guess what!! I actually had five--count 'em--five trick-or-treaters last night! First ones in six years!! Amazing! I was glad I had the candy after all!!
I finally drug the two aluminum based, plastic covered, storage wardrobes up and down the long hallway last night--switched the summer and winter clothes, shoes, and coats. If I left the house more often, I would have been pushed to do this weeks ago--hehe! It's a big project and I am glad it is done. Didn't feel too badly today, either! Hurray!
Tonight Leah had her Shaklee meeting. Six people came--besides she, Dagan, and I--so there was a full room. I forgot my camera! Anyways, I enjoy listening to Renae and get excited about Shaklee all over again. The November order will be coming in a few days. I am getting the Basic H this time for cleaning--finally. I have been concentrating on the supplements and waiting until I had used up the cleaning stuff I already had before I replaced anything. Too poor to do otherwise and don't want to be wasteful, of course.
Pam told me the new concentrated Basic H says to add two drops to a 16oz spray bottle of water to make glass cleaner. (She bought the big starter cleaner kit this month--which I want to try to get it next month!) Pam said she accidentally got three drops in the bottle and it didn't work all that well. Since the plastic spray bottles come in a set, she got the proper two drops in the other bottle and it worked like a charm! So, you are not to use any more than it says to--when they say concentrated, they really mean it!
Leah got the dishwasher soap this month and it has this tiny little scoop! She says it works better than the Amway did! She's trying out the hand and body lotion this coming order. (We both have really dry hands in the winter, she'll tell me how it works.)
Anyways, enough Shaklee talk. Time to go watch something and sit in my comfy chair! (The meetings are physically harder on me--but I love going!)

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