Friday, March 09, 2007


I can't believe it! After the guy came and worked on the Internet connection yesterday and I got back online I was able to get on to Sparks again for the first time in over a month! I went on and winnowed down my teams, wrote back to people who wondered where I was, left a message on my blog, and thought I would be able to get back to Sparks again. Now this morning I cannot access it again and I have gotten three sparkmails that I can't open!!!! This is soooo weird!!! Why? Why can't I get on to that particular website? I have no problem getting on anyplace else that I know of? This is so strange!! Makes no sense at all??? That dang "this page cannot be displayed" page comes up--whether I go to or try to answer mail from Sparks or try to click on the emails for the latest postings on my teams??? Can't open a Sparks page for the life of me. Why did it work last night? Computers!! I had especially have missed the craft ladies and my old hippy friends on Sparks....oh well. It feels like getting voted off of the island!

Well, other than that bizarre malfunctioning returning--the computer seems to be working fine and I am not getting bumped offline.

I have been painting for the past few days. Am closer to the color I wanted for the petals--getting closer to being done. They didn't turn out like I wanted them to, but I keep getting closer to what I imagine the more I practice, I guess.

My neck swelled up again on the right side a couple days ago. I did some Healing Touch on it and it went back down--just a little swelling left. That happened a few times several years ago. Neither the doctor nor the dentist could tell me exactly what it was. The doctor figured it was swollen lymph nodes--odd ones--not the usual neck place. Happened when the new young chiropractor was working on the back of my neck/head that time this last summer, too? I could have a low grade infection, I suppose?

I have been dragging myself around due to the trying to be a day person (been setting the alarm) and yet being awake and up at night--not getting a lot of sleep the past two weeks. I guess, deep down, I can't let go of believing I am a night person--still working on that.

Anyways, Leah offered to come over after work and do some Healing Touch on me. And she can take the side off the computer and blow the dust out of it with one of those cans of air--see if that helps any? What the heck--it can't hurt. I probably have the white stuff inside of there for all I know--from the weird humidifier, remember?

I should get one of my art supply orders today. Scheduled for delivery yesterday and it never arrived. ?

Really warm out there today and the snow is melting. 38 degrees right now! So nice out--Karma has spent a lot of time out on the porch on her TV tray. :) But right this moment she has her head practically on the keyboard. She's just chilly from being outside and is waiting for me to get off the computer and sit in my chair so she can come and sit on me and warm up--hehe! But--I am off to check the mail...hehe! She will have to wait. :)

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