Thursday, March 29, 2007


Had a nice birthday! Dagan and Leah came over after work and brought Burger King over for dinner. Any time I eat restaurant food--(fast or slow-hehe!)--it's a treat for me! Dagan was messing around on the computer and updated my Internet Explorer to a 7, I think? Now everything looks different and I have to learn how to navigate some things a little differently. Feels like I have a new computer again--hehe! Of course, it doesn't take a lot to throw me off when it comes to the land of computers. :)

I tried cleaning the DVD player with the new cleaner--speaking of computers--and it still has little glitches and hesitations. So, I probably need a new DVD/CD thingie for the computer Dagan said. I still wonder if the white power from that crazy humidifier did something to it?

Leah played around with deciding what to do with her new business cards. The leaf punch looked cool, but it would make them difficult to keep in a wallet or a card case because they became kind of 3D. So--we drug out various stamps and decided on the abstract leaf stamp below. We liked emobssing with several of the colors--couldn't choose. So, she is going to just do them in all three different colors--what the heck! Variety is the spice of life, right? :)

Here's the business card embossed with green, burgundy, and brown. You can see the plain cards above. Being "crafty" ladies--couldn't just leave them like that--chuckle! The little packet to the left of the cards has the sample of Basic H inside. After all the cards are embossed, then we'll punch holes in the corner of the packet and the corner of the card and attach them together with twine or embroidery thread.

I have some very thin green embroidery thread, but Leah is going to stop after work today at the hardware store and see if they have any thin twine or string--in a more natural color and something a little thicker than we have here. If not--we can always use the embroidery thread.

Leah has off today again from her Valley Video (the second job) Thursday nights and is going to leave early anyways from the office because she has a few errands to run. After she's done, she'll come over here and work on the business cards since it is Dagan's bowling night anyways. So we will be crafting a bit tonight. :)

I got a real shock last night while Dagan and Leah were here!! I have a pen pal, Cristina, who lives in Argentina--she called me to wish me a happy birthday!! What a wonderful surprise!! We talked once on the phone many years ago. It was so nice to actually hear her voice again!! I am still amazed today! hehe! She is the only International phone caller I have ever had in my life. What a sweet lady and a good friend! Thanks again, Cristina! You really made my birthday special!! :):):)

Dagan and Leah left in time to be home by 8pm for CashWise Delivers to bring groceries between 8-10pm. (They are the ones who checked out that service first and told me about it--and love it, too!) I snooped around online--surfed the web--ha! Watched some TV. Played with Karma. That was my birthday. Was a very good day! Thanks to everybody who remembered me on my birthday--:)

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