Friday, March 16, 2007


I know, doesn't look that much different from last time to the naked eye, but I am as done as I am going to be. Darkened up the shadows a little and put some texture on the stems. Can only do so many washes or layers before it changes the texture and absorbtion of the watercolor paper--hehe! So--done! Finished them up yesterday!!

Dagan called this afternoon. He is planning on making up a website called He contacted Leah's sponsor, Renae, to make sure it was okay to use the Shaklee name--she checked--he got the okay to go ahead with it. :) He wanted me to do some online searching for information and facts about household chemicals, detergents, etc, for his website. He is going to look, too. He and Leah know that I am pretty good at surfing the web for information--hehe! Just have the time and the patience. :)

We also discussed the place that he wanted to look at in Barnesville. Has a "heated shop"--large pole building! Hummm? Might be nice for Leah's ventures--who knows? Got to start looking someplace. That is about as far away from Fargo/Moorhead as they would want to look, but at least Barnesville is right off of Interstate 94. They are taking active steps--putting it out to The Universe. And they know that they will know it when they see it and when they actually walk the land and check out the buildings. Could be a long process. We might all go and look at it next weekend. Leah is on call at Valley Video this weekend.

Tomorrow morning Leah and I are going over to the Moorhead Center Mall to K & Krafts' Stamp Expo!! They have tables in the hallway with free demos!! I take notes--hehe! And they are running a Saint Patrick's Day sale, too. If Leah gets called away--I will just stay there and snoop around till she gets back. :) Fun! Fun! Going to be a good day!!

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