Monday, March 26, 2007


I got inspired the last couple days to play around and just be silly with art. Stumbled upon some sites where people post artistic/sketch/collage journals and things like embellished envelopes and letters! This triggered old doodling habits in me. The doodle wasn't even dry yet when I photographed this--hehe! I used the Micron pens and then colored in with Twinkling H2Os and the Lyra Aquacolor crayons and a watercolor brush (the one you fill with water).

I drug out my sketchbooks and collage books last night, too. Saved some blogs to go back and find motivation from and joined a couple of Yahoo Groups. Have been remembering how I used to draw pictures on letters when I was young. Did a lot more doodling and drawing. I didn't think I was any good at it and kind of quit many years ago--but I really had fun doing a "book" for art class at Concordia several years ago. (Wonder where that ended up--the garage?) I don't know why I feel so inspired and motivated by all these people--but I sure do. :)

Meanwhile--yesterday was another warm day around 60 degrees. I had the doors wide open and caught Karma looking for flies...

...and resting--on alert.

Little chillier today. I slept with the window half open, so it got a bit chilly, but not too bad--wasn't much of a breeze my direction. All this nice weather makes one dream of spring!! :)
Leah's business cards came (already! shock--she just ordered them Wednesday night online)--she wants me to check them out for accuracy before Dagan stops by after work to pick them up, so I have to get moving... :)

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