Saturday, March 10, 2007


The Jerry's Artarame order arrived UPS in the afternoon yesterday. Here's the pastel wooden drawer unit I got on sale--$19.99!! I really wondered if I could fit all my pastels in there?

This is how more expensive brushes arrive, I guess--very protected. The Isabey 6701 is a special brush for detailing. Can't see it very well, but there is a separate thin cluster of bristles that protrudes from the center of the brush. Supposed to be able to use the main part of the brush as like a resevoir so that you can do fine lines for a longer period of time without having to constantly be going back for more paint. I will have to try it and see how it works! The middle brush with the plastic dome is an A2 Arches kolinsky size 4 . The top item is a canvas scraper. I've seen them used on PBS painting programs so many times to scrape in grasses, twigs, and leaf veins--finally got one of my own. This was the Jerry's order.

Karma immediately tried to crawl into the empty pastel drawer box, of course. She's way too big for that little box but that doesn't stop her from trying!

I worked on reorganizing the pastels most of the afternoon. I did manage to get all these containers of pastels into the new drawers!!

Bottom: oil pastels. Middle: regular and harder pastels. Top: soft pastels. They held a lot more than I thought they would!! :) Very happy I finally got them!!

The Dick Blick FedEx order arrived also late yesterday. Graphite transfer paper, the cake brush cleaner for watercolors and acrylics, and the set of Triplus fineliner pens from Germany. I was worried about the pens--if I would like them--but they're awesome!! I love very fine lined pens (.03) and these are great and have a hard tip that won't spread. Supposed to be able to leave them uncapped for days and they won't dry out?? Made by Staedtler. I have lots of colors to play with--can actually use them to write letters or on cards or whatever--cool!

The bigger box that the Jerry's order came in was an instant hit with Karma. She exhausted herself and fell asleep in there.

Leah volunteered to come over after work to do some Healing Touch on me. (I have been so tired and felt like I was getting sick.) First she took the side off of my computer and vacummed and used canned air to blow it out for me, too. A little tender loving care never hurt, right? And it was dusty and probably had cat hair in there. Trying all the little things to keep this computer going. :)
Anyways, Leah asked me--"Why do you want to be a day person?" Stopped me in my tracks.
I have always been a night person--ever since I can remember. Other people have always seemed to judge me negatively because of it, I guess. It is like you are out of sync with the rest of the world--the "normal" world. It makes it difficult when you are working or when I went to college. You're always trying to adjust the world to your schedule by getting evening or graveyard shift jobs, making afternoon appointments, scheduling afternoon or evening classes, etc, etc. It probably didn't help me with my relationships/marriages. And taking care of kids or baby critters...etc, etc.... You have to adjust your inner clock all the time. I have spent my whole life trying to adapt to the day world.
But--like Leah said--what difference does it make right now? I can do like I've been doing--just set the alarm to make sure I am up when I have appointments or things to do--and then make up for any lack of sleep over the next couple days. I don't make much noise being up during the night and have the TV on low--nobody has ever complained. I have no job to go to or classes to be at or kids to take care of or husband to please--hehe! I can just follow my own rhythms and live as I please. True! Even Miss Gracie (who is the only one around here who kind of prefers days-hehe!) has adapted to my crazy hours. Has lived with me for years now. She never makes a sound until she hears I am up. A bird! She was meant to be mine. All my birds have always adjusted to my irratic hours, when I think about it. And cats--hey--they love the nighttime!

I had been getting very little sleep (for me) for the past couple weeks and was kind of fading away. So--last night--no alarm--I slept 12 hours!! Feel better than I have for days--throat still sore, tho. Anyways--I am officially declaring that I am a night person and I am done fighting with myself about it! Trying to force myself to be otherwise was literally making me sick--hehe! I have been feeling so tired and off and unwell that I didn't even make it to meet Roger Barnett today. Dagan and Leah went. We had gotten invited to a luncheon with him (new Shaklee president) before the free talk he was giving from 2-4pm. I will hear all about it tomorrow from Dagan and Leah---if I am feeling up to going over to their place for Sacred Circle. I thought it was next Sunday, but it is this Sunday that Leah was off at Valley Video, her second job.
That's the news from Fargo. So--once again--my friends and family--don't call me before noon! hehe! :)

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