Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It was really warm for a few days and almost all the snow is gone, but neither Karma nor I were prepared for the thrills last night. A fly came in with her from the porch! ?? A fly--the beginning of March! She spends all summer trying to catch flies and eat them. She hasn't seen one since last fall, so this was truly beyond exciting for her--and baffling to me.

The fly was slow on its feet but crawled around on the ceiling and inside the hanging lamp. Karma was on cat point and telling me all about it with low gutteral sounds. Our unexpected visitor kept her mesmerized for a long, long time. I finally couldn't torture her any longer and got the fly swatter out. I tried to beat Karma to the body, but she can be surprisingly quick and agile when she wants to be. Was--literally--a little taste of spring for Karma yesterday. :)


Anonymous said...

Miss you on spark pages...I would clean out old files, refresh, check for pop up blockers, do an ad-aware clean out for spy ware....each is VERY simple to do. If you don't know how, I am sure your son does...We need you back with the rest of us!


Rita said...

Hi Kathy!!
I have Norton, AdAware, and nothing Dagan has tried has worked?? (I am not sure what all he has tried, but I'll ask.) I have always had mysterious electrical/electronic things happen around me--but this is really bizarre! Why can't I get onto only one particular website--and I used to be able to with no problem--for months!? And the oddest thing of all is that it won't allow me on Sparks either on my desk computer or my laptop???? It is like cyberspace has determined it doesn't want me on Sparks for some reason? But I could get on from my son's computer at his place? Crazy! Maybe I'll pop on once in a while when I am over at Dagan and Leah's if I have some time? (We usually have specific plans when we get together, tho.) Or I might suddenly be granted access--who knows? Miss you guys, too! Thanks for the shout out! :)