Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This beautiful angel cup I got from my folks! It actually sits behind the two I showed you yesterday, but I pulled it out so I could get a better shot of it. This one is the "open for grabs" cup. All the time Dagan was growing up with me (and my cups of pens--hehe!) there was always one cup that he could use all of the pens and pencils from. The rest were off limits without asking. He prefers ball points--being left handed--so he didn't care much for most of my assorted pens, anyways. Even now, tho, when he is over--he still has a cup he can find a ball point pen in--hehe!

The rest of the day slipped by quickly. Got all the clothes washed and the bed made. Played with Karma and Gracie. Watched another Carnivale DVD. Cleaned up the table a bit by the window. Changed Gracie's newspapers. Putter--putter...just an ordinary day. :)

Have a good one!!

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