Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Okay--a person has to be pretty anal to "doodle" with a ruler--true! Every art class I was in the teacher told me to be braver--bolder--but most of all, "LOOSEN UP!!!"

I said I colored the doodle (made on a piece of watercolor paper, BTW) with these crayons. I shouldn't have said just Lyra, because I also have the Caran D'Ache large set of 84 and the small set of metallics.

They are so easy and quick to use with the watercolor brushes.

I have an assortment of watercolor brushes. You fill them with water and just touch/rub them on the crayons to use. And you can just wipe the brush on a paper towel or a rag to clean it off for the next color. Very handy for crafts! When I want a thinner paint color or wash I just use my small porcelain flower palette and thin it in there first. Anyways, this is what the watercolor brushes look like that I have been talking about for those of you that asked. :)

I have been definitely inspired. I got out this hand made paper journal last night (I think it was made in India?) and started sketching common objects, as suggested on http://www.dannygregory.com/. He wrote a book called Everyday Matters about sketching--releasing the artist inside of you, I guess. I might have to pick that up from Amazon or Barnes & Noble one day here.

On one side of me was the mug I got from Dagan and Leah.

On the other side of my chair was my trusty water bottle I refill all the time.

I used my new set of Staedtler triplus fineliner pens. Was delighted that they didn't feather or bleed on this very porus paper. :) And I was pleased that I did better than I expected with my sketches--no pencil--freehand!! Now that is definitely "looser" for me! hehehe!!
I had made up a piece of cardstock and covered it with that pliable clear packing tape to insert behind what I am working on so that it doesn't bleed on to the next page. I had started on the other end of the journal making quick pages of samples of all my materials--all the same picture--sunset over the water. Maybe I'll have to take a couple shots of those so you get the idea. Anyways, I can work from both ends of the journal, I guess--hehe! What the heck! (Sadly, this is me being bold! chuckle!)
Well, got to get moving. Duane is coming over for another book exchange this afternoon. :) Have a great day!

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