Monday, March 12, 2007


Since Karma had liked climbing inside of the Jerry's box when I had stacked the excess packing paper on top of it--I took the other box, cut it up, made a top for the Jerry's box, and taped it on. Draped a towel over it to make it more private, I thought--but Karma took it as an invitation to lay on top of it and not inside. I told her she was too heavy. It collapsed. (Scared Miss Gracie half to death, but it gave me the giggles for a long time!) Last night before I went to bed I taped it up again--thinking she had learned her lesson.

This morning--here she is showing me and telling me all about what happened--hoping I would fix her collapsible toy again--no way!

Went over to Dagan and Leah's yesterday afternoon. First we worked on Healing Touch techniques. I have already taught them some of the methods over the past few years, but we finished going thru all of the First Level yesterday! Now, we will just keep practicing those techniques. I left the book there so that Dagan and Leah can work on each other. It was nice to see my massage table up again. Been a long time. The rose colored bolsters (for knees--helps the lower back when you are lying flat for a long time) are the color of the actual table top.

Dagan and Leah being silly!

Then we had Sacred Circle--but, once again, got to discussing plans and ideas for such a long time that we never did the angel cards. That was okay. They came up with a great idea. At 5:30pm every day we will all think/visualize about what it will feel like when we have the place in the country--Leah's pottery/woodworking/glasswork/etc--Dagan eventually working from home/web sites/building computers/etc--my arts & crafts/spiritual/energy work/writing/etc. All of which would overlap, of course. We are actively applying positive thinking and visualization and intention. Great idea. :) So they set their cell phone alarms and I have an alarm set here in the living room. Even if we take five minutes--doing that every day and all at the same time--who knows?? :)

We had a great time yesterday! And on Wednesday we will get together to paint. Dagan says he will work on his miniatures. I am not sure if Leah will paint or not, but I want to get back to practicing my scumbling--hehe! :)

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