Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yesterday a new maintenance man showed up and he put all his weight on the living room windows and forced them down till they latched! The plastic latches are at an angle now--but the windows are latched. ?? We would never have dared force them like that. I was really afraid they were going to break! He has obviously had to do this before. He said he can't believe how they put these buildings together. Asked me if I could close my porch door? (Imagine that dilemma!!) I told him I have no problem with the porch door. You're lucky, he said. I told him I had no problems with the windows, either--until they "fixed" them--hehe!

So--anyways--the windows are latched until it is really decent out in the spring. I guess I'll have to have them come and latch them every fall now. I am not going to try that myself--or have Leah or Dagan do it, either--in case they do break. They are latched, tho. Air still comes up inbetween them, but not as much. I take it they do not plan to have the construction company re-do the faulty window repairs, eh?

I discovered I have three more channels on the TV in the living room. I think 15 is FOX, but I am not positive. Just found them this morning. 33 is something called Central Plains Media--?? And 56 is The Trintiy Network with religious programming--has Christian cartoons on right now. I'll have to see if I can find out online what they are. They all have E/I in the corner of the screen. ?? Not listed in the TV Guide, of course.

Was on the PI and TUT websites last night. Have been contemplating the concept of the universe being ever expanding and changing--and that it is all vibrational and energy. Our thoughts are vibrational and energy--and when we focus our thoughts we can make deliberate changes in the ever expanding universe and manifest what we think about and take action toward. I will be pondering on that for a while--hehe!

Meanwhile--I have CashWise delivery coming any time now from noon to 2pm. Gotta go--I am manifesting food!!! :) :)

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