Thursday, March 15, 2007


The apartment got re-keyed yesterday. Dagan came to pick me up after work and we went and got copies made at the hardware store for him and Leah.

We set the table up for painting. Dagan worked on his miniatures. Leah worked on personalizing her Shaklee website instead. I scumbled away--playing and practicing making skies. I think I had four different looking skies during the evening, but I forgot my camera--hehe! I am gaining more confidence and getting the hang of acrylics, tho. :)

Meanwhile, we were discussing Shaklee most of the evening. We are much more enthusiastic about the cleaning products and personal products that are environmentally friendly. They make the best vitamins and supplements and, since I always take a multiple vitamin, I'll buy Shaklee--but we've been spending more on other products lately. Slowly switching over to trying to be chemical free as much as possible. It just feels so good to know you are doing your part for saving the Earth, I guess. And in the long run--Shaklee is cheaper than the stuff we were buying at the grocery store or discount store because you use so much less. That is really good in my book! Not only am I not polluting--I am saving money. I loved Shaklee when I was a kid and sold Basic-H to the neighborhood ladies because it was safe for us and plants and animals. I guess I am falling in love with it all over again 45 years later--hehe! If Dagan and Leah want to have a little business venture on the side--I am glad that it is Shaklee. :)

When Dagan and Leah went to the luncheon for and talk given by Roger Barnett this past weekend they found out that there's a seminar weekend down in Minneapolis on the very weekend that we are going down for Dagan's heart check-up! Talk about synchronisity!! So, Leah wanted to go and now Dagan wants to go, too. This way they will both know more about how everything works with the company. The seminar is kind of for new distributors, I guess. It is from 7-10pm on Friday and 8am-4:30pm on Saturday.

Me--I will be visiting with my aunt, Mary Lou. :)

But I'll be glad to hear all they have learned over the weekend. And I, personally, wouldn't hesitate to reccomend Shaklee products. With the new owner, Roger Barnett, they have gotten a breath of fresh air and are getting modernized--hehe! (The company has been basically word of mouth for over fifty years--and the packaging had still looked like it was from the 50s--hehe!) Shaklee has finally entered the 21st century--hehe! They have entered the world of the Internet and have made it so that you can just buy directly online! Cool! You can just click on Leah's website to place an order and have it shipped right to your home--don't have to deal with salespeople or having parties or anything like that. Cool! I added her website address on to my email signature, but I wanted to post it in here, too. :)

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