Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Back to angels. Finally took some more pictures. See the angel pen in the "Rita" mug? Got her from my aunt Mary Lou. I may have gotten the Rita mug from her, too, come to think of it. :) The Rita mug has permanent markers. The African Grey mug has my calligraphy pens. I have so many different mugs full of pens around here--hehe!

Yesterday I baked chocolate chip cookies. I guess I am out of practice--hehe! Been a long, long time. I messed up something in the ingedients or my baking soda has seen better days--better years! They were very flat cookies--hehe! Edible--but I hope they turn out better next time. Time for new baking soda and baking powder if I am going to start baking again, I guess. And maybe I was doing too much dancing around while I was making them--or didn't add enough flour? It has been too long for me to be trying to bake by guess work like I used to--a little of this and a little of that and not measuring. It is not like riding a bicycle. Oh well. I'll eat them. Karma begs for little pieces--so they can't be that bad. :)

I watched a pretty dumb movie last night called The Godfather of Green Bay:

Determined to make it to the Midwest for a life-changing audition with a "Tonight Show" talent scout, stand-up comedian Joe Keegan (writer-director Pete Schwaba) leaves the glare of Los Angeles behind and heads for the rural town of Pine Lake, Wis. But the characters he meets along the way are almost funnier than his act. Lauren Holly, Tony Goldwyn and Thomas Lennon co-star in this good-natured poke at small-town living.

Sounded better than it was. Got it because I lived in Green Bay for three years once. I loved the scenery--what they did show of Wisconsin. But it wasn't a very good movie. I've been pretty lucky picking odd and obscure movies--but my luck didn't hold up for this one. Pretty silly and pointless.

Caroline was just here and cleaned. I am now washing clothes. Have another DVD of Carnivale to watch this afternoon. Karma is cryng to come in--tired of playing and eating snow, I guess. Gotta go--:)

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