Friday, March 23, 2007


Wednesday night Dagan and Leah came over and we ate spaghetti and had some yummy broccoli with it that turned out just right (a trick for me in the microwave). We fiddled around with the concept of hand making some tags with Leah's Shaklee website address on them to attach to the Basic H samples she bought--but the address is so long and it would take so much time to make 100 of them, decided to order some business cards instead. Leah did make a birthday card for her brother Aaron. We watched half of a movie, but then I had glitches--needs to be cleaned. Was a later night than usual for us--Dagan and Leah didn't leave until almost 11pm. We have just been so gabby about all the dreams and plans. :)

Then yesterday Leah had the day off from her second job. She usually gets off from the office job at 1pm on Thursdays, so she did anyways and we went shopping!! A treat for me! :)

First we went to north Fargo to Tochi's. Love this little store!

This tree in their parking lot is a testament to city survival. As we were packing the trunk there was a symphony of little birds sitting in this tree--chirping in joy at the springlike weather we've been having. Made me smile just to hear their delight!

Leah and I both bought a 25 lb bag of Jasmine rice and a large bottle of Tamari sauce. It is so much cheaper at Tochi's.

We headed back to Fargo and stopped at Best Buy to buy a DVD cleaner that we will all use.

Went over to JoAnn's and spent quite a while there. Leah knows a lady who will sew up tote bags for cheap. We have been talking about me having some with long shoulder bag handles so I can put it over my head. That way I could carry a lot more up to my apartment by myself--instead of Dagan and Leah having to haul things up for me. It would give me two hands again kind of, you know? Leah tries to always use cloth bags for shopping. We could keep the long-handled ones in her trunk for when I am with. And with two of them, there will probably always be one in the trunk. :)
I picked out a red duck cloth and a denium. Leah picked out black duck cloth and wants two made, too. I got the 2 inch wide cream colored cotton webbing handle material they had for handles. Leah wanted black and they didn't have any. After asking two different clerks, we found out they don't even carry the 2 inch wide black cotton webbing. We decided to look at Michael's.
I finally got clear plastic for my table. Leah has had some for her table for when we paint and it is so nice not to have to worry about water spots. I had a very thin plastic tablecloth, but it got little tears and holes in it (very easily) and then was useless. The plastic I bought is a little thinner than Leah's but feels very durable. Happy to have it!! Now I don't have to worry when crafting or painting that I will ruin the wood on my oak table! :)

Also picked up a couple of feet of lace for cards. Not thinking--duh! Left them on the table last night and I couldn't find them this morning. Karma had stolen them. Chewed the one end of the white lace.

Leah and I headed over to Michael's, but they don't carry the handle webbing at all. Leah will look online. If she can't find what she wants, she can always buy the cream colored stuff I got. While we were at Michael's we did find a couple more ribbon colors for cheap (that is where we got all the small ribbons) and we got two wider ribbons (sitting on top)--a metallic and a white sheer. Leah had gone back and purchased two more of the holders from K&Krafts!! This is awesome! We can finally see what we have and get to them easily!

By the time I got home I was hobbling around from being on my feet for over three hours. Exhausted! But--such fun!! Good thing I have a day to rest before Saturday! (I am going with Dagan and Leah to look at property in Sabin and in Hawley.)
Today the order came from Cheap Joe's. Leah ordered some containers. The super satchels by ArtBin seem to be being discontinued. They are gone or on clearance online in many places I buy from. So--we bought some up while we could--and they were on sale, too! The two little containers sitting on top--turned out to be smaller than I thought. Not the same size as my others--but I'll use them. Pens and markers still fit in these. :) They were super cheap! Also made by ArtBin. They were wrapped up because they are made of hard plastic and could crack in shipping....

...some interesting packaging paper for you know who! Anything new in Karma's world has to be investigated--chuckle!

Been a busy couple of days! Going to go make some lunch. :)


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Thanks, Anonymous! Love getting positive feedback!! :)