Friday, March 02, 2007


This was some of my surprise for Leah. She has used the mint chapstick for many years but, since we have been going no chemicals, she has been buying the unflavored Shaklee lip balm. I found Indigo Wild--all natural ingredients--and they have a peppermint (Leah's favorite!!) lip balm! And it is $1.35 cheaper then Shaklee's!! TaDa!!
I have been wanting to try their soaps, lotions, etc--have been getting their catalogs for a couple of years and was on the email list. They ran a special on mini bars of soap for $1.50--and I got the six kinds they had. I was going to let Leah pick what she thought she'd like to try and send one for Dagan, too. Leah has a hard time with scents. Lots of them really bother her. In fact, I ended up with her Shaklee hand and body lotion because of that fact--good for me, bad for her--hehe!

Anyways, Leah finally got here about 10pm last night--poor thing! She had a really long night with the bad roads and all. She picked out rosemary soap and I sent tea tree-citrus for Dagan. Indigo Wild had sent me samples of the ZumWash and ZumBody (lotion)--two of each. I hadn't looked close enough, thought they were all the wash and was going to give Leah three of them, because I know she prefers the liquid shower soaps to bar soaps. So--we each got one wash and one lotion to try. I sent her home some ZumRub to try, too. Won a sample size of that, too--and I love it. Takes a while to rub in, but it is so worth it! Is helping my cuticles, dry feet, elbows, hands. I will have to get the regular size of the ZumRub and put some on every night before I go to bed! :)

I also asked her to see if she could latch my windows in the living room. Nope! Leah could only latch one of the four latches. So, it wasn't just me with my weak arm. I called today and they will have somebody come out next week and look at it. They are too swamped with keeping up with the snow right now. The little plow and the guy with the blower for the sidewalks are both going again right now, actually.

The guy that permanently bolted all the top halves of the living room windows in the building was contracted by the construction company--so...don't know who is going to have to come to fix this? They used to latch, so it was his faulty job that day. He was a very nice man--let me clean the windows before he bolted them up there so I could get the outsides clean. But--he didn't do a very good job on mine. (They did the bolting down to keep out rain, I guess--I have not had that problem, but apparently many people had and the construction company was forced to do repairs.) If they can re-do it and I can latch the windows then it won't be so cold in here when the wind blows my direction. :)
Anyways, I showed Leah what naughty Karma has been up to the last couple months, also--chewing the blind cords off! First the bedroom cords (above) she chewed completely off and into pieces--so I had to add pieces of string. Then the living room ones on the side she sits on the most--she chewed them off so high up that I cannot close the blinds all the way down anymore. But that is the side I have to leave open anyways for her to look out the window--or she cries and bites tiny teeth holes in the blinds. Demending much? By the time I leave here I will have to replace all three blinds at this rate--already two of them!
The left hand side window cords are still intact--thusfar. Leah suggested putting up some double hooks--high up where Karma can't reach them--and then I could wind the blind cords around the double hook and keep them out of Karma's teeth! What a stinker!
This all started when I had the broken window spring in the bedroom. The repairman left the broken cord hanging out from the bottom of the window. I couldn't open it to put it inside. This string hanging down was too tempting for Miss Karma and gave her ideas about windows and strings! hehe! If I knew that was going to happen I would have just cut the darn cord right off! Too late now.
We have gotten quite a bit of snow, not sure how much. Where was all this snow at Christmas? hehe! We had a brown Christmas. Haven't had much snow all winter till now, really. I know it is a pain to drive in, but it looks soooo pretty out there. :)
I have still been losing my paragraph breaks since we swtiched over to google--so I don't see any improvement there with our new blog host, but it does upload much faster, I must say. I hope I don't lose my paragraph breaks again--makes it more diffcult to read. Well--here goes--have a nice day!

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