Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I knew I could come up with something if I had time to think and search. This is some of the extra clear plastic that I used for the table covering. Hung it on the lamp with clothespins. Perfect! She can still get her full-spectrum light and it doesn't show very much. Problem solved! And there is just enough left of that extra strip to fit in the porch doorway--so that I can leave the door open when it is raining and the carpet won't get wet. Another problem solved.

Gracie is calmer since her cage got moved back the proper direction. I think she was exhausted by the stress of the last couple days, too. hehe!

Leah is stopping by after work to see if she can fix the wobble in the new chair. She and Dagan have an appointment with the contractors to discuss building their new home, so I passed on painting tonight. I did sleep today--all day, actually. That's two days in a row. Too bad it is from morning till late afternoon--that's not normal even for me, but I'll take sleep whenever I can get it--ha! Hopefully I will get over the menopause insomnia again here pretty soon--been taking my Shaklee stuff (that had been backordered) for several days now. I have always slept crazy hours, but was able to sleep--until menopause. I guess there are worse symptoms that other women have. I suppose it could be that the symptoms are just more severe and nothing will change them--who knows? Just a blessing that I am not going to work or school right now, eh? I can't complain.

Thunderstorm just rolled through--and it poured! Seems to have gone now. Leah will be here soon--got to go...

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