Friday, April 04, 2008


Here's all the paper I made in the last few days. All are made from that packing paper. The top row is plain. The middle row has the multi-colored embroidery threads. The bottom two sheets have shiny gold embroidery thread.

Not sure the gold threads look very good, but I love the rainbow colored papers!
Been hitting 50 degrees.
Have had the porch doors wide open in the mornings.
I made a couple of Thank You cards yesterday.

And today I got another package from Ann!! TaDa!!!
What fun this is going to be--playing with the assorted papers and making cards! Thank you Ann!! What is it they say--one man's trash is another man's treasure? Not that this is trash, by any means. But something someone doesn't want anymore--can be a real treasure to someone else--true! true!
Saving for the mixer will take a while. I needed too many other things this month to save a lot, but saved some. :) I am lost without my return address labels--hehe! And my favorite pen refills. Those are neccessities in my world. :)
And I ordered something I have been looking at since I started cooking again--from William-Sonoma. A set of little choppers. Looked like a little better quality than the ones you see on the TV infomercials or in the cheaper catalogs.
When I just need a clove of garlic or one onion and don't want to dirty the Cuisinart--I end up chopping them up by hand anyways. This looked like it would save my arm a lot of small work. I'll let you know how it does work for me. Leah was afraid I wouldn't have the strength to push or pound them thru the contraption--but I have one good arm, right? I ought to be able to smash it a good one--hehe!
Tomorrow is the Stamp Expo over at K&Krafts. Leah and I are going! The hallway has a line of tables with ladies showing how to use new supplies or how to do different techniques with supplies we are familiar with. It is free and we always learn something new. I will try to remember to take pictures. Excellent day to wake up and take one of my new pain pills--hehe! Going to be fun! :)


  1. You have sure made a lot of use with that packing paper! What a wonderful package you received too. I am a bit of a paper addict and love all types of paper as well. Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  2. Ahhhh...Catness...lounging about stretching in the sun.

  3. Simone,
    I had a lot of fun. :) Nice to meet another paper addict--hehe! I love recycling. Amazing what you can make from stuff you would have thrown away. :)

    And, Alan,
    Catness--hehe! Another cat lover? You'll find picture of Karma pretty regularly on this blog--hehe! :)


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