Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The paints came in one day from Elk River! She had an extra blue green color, too. Thanks so much, Lynnette!!
I am definitely making an order for some art supplies in May. Empty pans and such--fun! I sat and went thru a stack of my watercolor art books last night looking for anything they had on mixing colors/color charts/triads....and I found a chapter here and there. I will read it all. And then next will be practice! practice! practice!
Yesterday was the first day I sat on the porch for a while and read. Was still a bit chilly, but I bundled up.
Haven't felt too well again for the last few days. Laid down for a nap at 6:30pm last night and woke up at 11:30pm! So, probably heading for bed again here pretty soon.

Miss Karma--the sprawler. This is how I usually see her when she's on the floor or sometimes on the desk in front of the computer screen. She stretches...
...and then lies in this goofy position where she has her front paws all curled up--her back toes curl a little, too--and even her tail is curled. I always think she looks like she is praying.
What would a cat pray for--extra treats? For me to get down one of her string toys? (Can't leave them down because she chews thru the strings.) Or maybe the little laser beam thingie to have new batteries? Or that there will be flies on the porch tomorrow? Or maybe just to be left alone to sleep? Who knows what a cat might pray for....???

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