Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dagan and Leah are packing. They have rented a storage area for their things and they are moving this weekend--have people to help them. Leah told me she'd rather have me help unpack later on, if that was okay? Yes. (I haven't been feeling well and have had my days and nights reversed again, anyways.) I'd probably just slow them down when they are working under a tight schedule and deadline (driving me back and forth, for one thing). Unpacking--there will be no deadline to meet. I can be more helpful then. :)

Big shifts for them! I am just so glad they have a place to stay until they can move into the house. Once they have moved their things--they can then start on the bamboo flooring, I guess! tada! About time. [This construction company is something else! They don't work after five or on weekends--even when they have the light till at least 8pm and are over a month behind! And they are mostly working inside now for goodness sake! Really don't seem too concerned about getting a good reputation with their new business, do they?]

Very loud thunderstorm came through in the middle of the night--rumbling the ground and lighting up the sky. I was awake, of course, and got to watch the whole thing. Karma likes storms, too. She watched from her chair by the window and then begged to go out on the porch--hehe! Was wonderful! sounded like spring! :)

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