Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last night Leah and I went over to K&Krafts in Moorhead for a drawing. You had to be there in person to win a 60 second shopping spree. We'd never seen that many people in the store at 8pm!

Kay stood on the counter and they drew numbers. The first number drawn was a no show. The second number was a sweet lady--who was shocked and overwhelmed! (She's standing in the left corner of this picture--unawares.)

All the customers had to leave the store and go out in the hallway to watch thru the windows. There was a countdown and the lady gathered up stuff in her basket. You could only have one of each item--and there was a $300.00 maximum.

This nice lady in the burgundy shirt managed to gather up over $400.00 in her 60 seconds--so she had to pick out what she wanted to put back. [Scrapbooking is expensive--hehe! I have never gotten into that particular hobby. It's the big thing around here the past several years.]

Kay is in the green shirt and her husband is in the red shirt. What a lot of excitement!! I've only seen shopping sprees on television--and they were done in grocery stores. I have never heard of one in a craft store!
Myself, I did buy a few goodies and dodads. We needed cutter blades for the Fiscars trimmer--got red flowers, additive for making paper--and some stick-on things for cards. The stick-ons are something new for me--usually don't buy too many things like that. Just felt Spring-y, I guess--hehe!

I think that was the most excitement there has been at K&K's! Was fun to go and very different from the normal shopping trip--hehe!
Leah and Ariel aren't coming today and Leah isn't coming tomorrow. I knew this week would finally come--when they are too busy with the house to make it for craft days. So--group craft sessions are put on hold till later this year.
Me--I will still be puttering about, as usual. :)
Miss Sprawler will be happy to have me all to herself for a while, I'm sure. She may think her life is calmer--but one of these days I will zip her into the stroller....hehe!

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