Friday, April 25, 2008


My days and nights are flipped--woke up to wind and snow. Karma wanted to go out for a drink of water (she thinks the water in her dish on the porch tastes better than the water in her dish by the kitchen) and discovered it was frozen. Pawed at it to make sure--hehe!

It is coming down steadily and doesn't look like it plans on quitting any time soon. End of April. And Dagan and Leah are moving their belongings into storage this weekend. :(
Karma is pacing about the apartment and crying at the porch door--complaining about this turn of events. I am feeling badly for Dagan and Leah--having to move in this weather! And because I can't be of help with the move. Every once in a while I do get down about my body's betrayal. I'll get over it.

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