Monday, April 07, 2008


The house is coming along.
If you don't look closely...
...looks pretty good...
...doesn't it?
Here are some of the things that have been noticed by Dagan and Leah.
Theres a hole in the garage wall. It will be covered on the outside by the brick on the lower front of the house. But how will they fix this hole--if at all?
They forgot the outside light by the back garage door. This they mentioned to the contractors, of course.
The stairs were already sagging and coming apart.

This is how they "fixed" them.
How are Dagan and Leah supposed to lay flooring over this?
This is what they did underneath the stairs to repair them.
Notice board scraps jammed by the header.
I wonder what that orangish board attached to? Just ends?
More pictures of the headers under the stairs.
That looks proper, doesn't it?
The mudwork leaves something to be desired.
But you assume they will be sanding it down.
They did patch the big dent in the wall.
Somebody doesn't know how to use an electric saw?
Will they fix this? Probably patch it up. Hope so.
The roof is a creepy thing.
Leah forgot to get a picture of the crazy way they attached the garage to the house. Board ends sticking out at strange angles? Just looks strange and like it was not done correctly.
Doesn't that just look wrong?
Hopefully it won't leak and will be just fine.
Got this one out of order--don't quite understand it?
This is a secondary header they put under the stairs and that black pole thingie to support the weight? And that passed inspection?
Just wondering how they will lay flooring over this kind of damaged, uneven subflooring?
Isn't there supposed to be a corner here--a right angle where the subflooring meets the edge of the stairs?
This is the kind of workmanship Dagan and Leah are dealing with. My heart goes out to them. I just hope everything works out in the end. I'm sure it will, but it has been a long haul--and it is not over yet.
Dagan and Leah thought they'd be able to get in and start on the flooring this week. The contractors continue to be vague, as usual. Dagan and Leah have to be out of their apartment at the end of the month.
They will be so glad when they are done dealing with the contractors. Dagan and Leah will probably do a much better job with the finishing work than the contractors would--even with no previous experience!
Guess that's all I have to say. So upsetting. I know it will all work out in the end and they will have a beautiful house. Just would not wish housebuilding on anybody, to be honest. What a pain!


  1. Those contractors weren't writing anything down when I was there, I'm sure that is part of their problem with remembering to do things to the house correctly. Regardless, these guys are as you say, unprofessional. I think that they are taking advantage of the fact that Dagan and Leah are so non-confrontational.

    I really enjoy watching your work, I've been lurking for a bit now. Hope things in Fargo are going well!

  2. Hi Amber! :)
    How did everybody like your invitations? I think they are just beautiful! Wish I had felt better and could have been of more help when you were here. You can lurk all you want--hehe!

    I think it is probably a combination of Dagan and Leah being pretty quiet and not knowing much about the process--and the fact that these contractors are a new company, too. I mean, they have to be either taking advantage or ignorant--right? One or the other--or both. Just be glad when they are done and gone--and hope the house won't be too difficult for Dagan and Leah to work with afterwards. Leah has already contacted the better business bureau about them. Hate to see anybody else go thru what they have.

    Welcome to my silly blog! :)


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