Sunday, April 27, 2008


Can you say procrastination!
The glass shade cracked and the bulb went out on my brass floor lamp in late 2006--hehe! I wound this cheap Tweety Bird light around the floor lamp. The Tweety Bird light fried and died last night. The bulb went out, was not burned out, broke off in the base when I tried to remove it, the metal was kind of like fried into the base, and the plastic base for the bulb crumbled into small pieces when I tried to remove the light bulb base!
So, I had to rig up another way to get light by my chair for reading and for writing my many letters.
Stacked a couple of boxes--which take up most of the whole endtable--and stole the light from the top of my desk hutch.
Who knows how long this rigging will suffice to keep me from spending money on the expensive light shade and bulb--hehehe! Works pretty darn well--and this light has a dimmer! :)


  1. Hey Rita,
    What kind of watercolors do you use with your funky watercolor pen? I found one while I was at Crafts Direct for $4, it's a broad tip, and I thought I'd try it out, but I have no paint. I like the crayons you were using.

    Let me know!

  2. Hi Amber!
    You can use them with any kind of watercolor paint--even a kids box paint set. :)

    The "crayons" I use them with are artist watercolor crayons. I have two brands: Lyra-Aquacolors and Caran D'Ache Neocolors.

    My favorite online art stores to shop at are:

    I think you need to come on up North here and play one day! :)


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