Sunday, April 13, 2008


The paints came from Haiying. :) She is visiting the United States right now. Has met with Barbara (the lady who started the Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo group) and will be meeting with Greg ( a new member and new to Chinese brush painting). Kind of amazing how small the world can be, isn't it? Oh--and on the right of the paints is a copy of one of Haiying's silk paintings that she enclosed--made into a bookmark shape. So colorful! Thank you, Haiying!
When Miss Karma comes inside from the porch on a cold day I often ruff up her fur and warm up her ears. One day she came in and happened to sit down next to her brush on the floor--so I took it as an opportunity to brush her. Well, Karma loved that! Ever since, if I leave the brush out on the floor she will come inside and go directly to the brush and sit down--wanting to be brushed. It's the only time she sits upright--hehe! She is a sprawler and is usually stretching on her side on the floor, so it is pretty obvious what she wants.
When it was colder (snow again) on Friday she came in and went to the brush. I ignored her request because I was busy with something else. So--right away she goes back to the door and begs to go out on the porch again. I thought--you just came in! She cried to go out till I let her. Then she wanted to come right back in--and ran to the brush and sat here--waiting for me to brush her. Long enough for me to take this picture. She must have thought I missed it the first time? Made me laugh, of course.
She got brushed. Spoiled cat, eh! Well, it was the persistence and the entertainment factor--hehe!
I forgot to show you the new eyemasks that Leah and I got! Molded to that they don't press on your eyeballs! Love them! ( Helps me to get better sleep.
I have still been on an energy low, but I did make a card for sending my check to Haiying. The metal word plaques do describe her. She imagines, creates, and then inspires us. :)
Believe it or not, I am out of bookcards again and need to make up some more--hehe! Always something waiting for me to do, right? That is a good thing. :)


  1. Those paints look very interesting! And what a pretty card! :)

  2. The Chinese watercolors are supposed to be more opaque, I think? But not like gouache? I am not quite sure. Will be interesting to find out. I got them because Haiying was coming to the US again, but not sure I am ready for them. I am still working on learning about the black ink--hehe! :)

    The bookmark--it is from a silk scarf that Haiying painted. Beautiful!


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